WATCH: MSNBC Goes into Full MELTDOWN MODE After Trump’s Speech to Congress

WATCH: MSNBC Goes into Full MELTDOWN MODE After Trump’s Speech to Congress

Tuesday night, Donald Trump delivered an address to a Joint Session of Congress. By most accounts, the speech was a success, with even the New York Times admitting that he did a good job delivering an optimistic speech calling for more unity between the parties. But over on liberal MSNBC, the speech drove them literally crazy.

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Chris Matthews assembled a group of liberal extremists for a panel on his show “Hardball with Chris Matthews” to discuss the speech. His panel of “experts” was comprised of Kathy Griffin, the actress, comedienne and outspoken LGBT activist; liberal filmmaker Michael Moored and director Rob Reiner.

Griffin was clearly not impressed by Trump’s speech. “What an idiot,” she said. “I mean, we’ve got to watch this idiot for an hour and nine minutes. He says one hateful thing after another. He is so embarrassing.” She also had no shortage of vitriol for Melania Trump. “Melania comes in with the sequined jacket and all the white guys are like ‘hey she’s hot’. Maybe if I’m like him, I could get her,” she sneered. And she took shots at Trump’s advisers as well. “As I was watching the so-called speech, I can’t help but picture Stephen Miller. Like, he is a comedian’s dream, the guy with the dead eyes, writing that stuff,” she said.

Rob Reiner was also dismissive and insulting towards Trump.

“Yeah, he was able to read off a teleprompter and, I guess, at least we know he can read,” Reiner said. “The problem he has, as far as I can see, is that he’s a pathological liar. This is like we’re living in a dream world where if us out here in Hollywood would ever try to create a satire of a President, if we did this you’d go ‘ah, that’s ridiculous.’”

Finally, Michael Moore joined in on the mockery. But he wasn’t upset with Trump — he was upset at the media. “The way this is going to be portrayed tomorrow… They’re already doing it: ‘there’s a new tone, he pivoted, there is a better, softer, kinder’…But remember, he is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. This man is a fraud,” Moore complained.

Because heaven forbid the media ever say anything positive about Donald Trump?

But then, this kind of nonsensical ranting is what you get when you have a panel of liberal celebrity idiots on air trying to discuss a political speech.

What did you think of Trump’s speech?

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