WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders SPANKS the Press With Their Own Statistics

WATCH: Sarah Huckabee Sanders SPANKS the Press With Their Own Statistics

Sarah Huckabee Sanders literally spanked the media at a White House press briefing yesterday, using stats to smack them silly. She came prepared knowing the media was going to be all over her concerning President Trump’s Joe and Mika tweets yesterday. She recited that they spent one minute on tax reform, three minutes on infrastructure, five minutes on the economy and jobs, 17 minutes on healthcare and 353 minutes on attacking President Trump on Russia. Stunning. That was over the course of a month and she took them to the woodshed over it.

I think Sarah is doing a fantastic job. She’s ignoring how the media is belittling her and she comes loaded for liberal bear when she does a briefing. She’s smart and quick on her feet. You can see why President Trump chose her. She’s very qualified to be doing what she’s doing and she’s very good at it. And she kept control of the briefing… she did not let the media run roughshod over her and continued to clearly make her points. Good job.

From Louder with Crowder:

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is having none of the toddlers’ creations. During a press briefing, Sarah spanked the press with their own stats:

Now, there will be some offended implings crying boo-hoo about this, just because their side got scolded by someone working in the executive branch. I’ve no patience for you weasels. Leave now and never come back.

Just because the press has freedom to do and say what they please, doesn’t mean they get to do and say those things without pushback. There’s always great confusion about the First Amendment. Yes, you’re free to say what you wish. Yes, the press is free to write and report what it wishes. Yes, you’re free to assemble peacefully. But no, you don’t have the right to be agreed with for whatever comes sharting out of your face hole. No, you do’t have the right to be praised for whatever drivel you write or read from a TelePrompter. No, you can’t assemble un-peacefully and break windows without intervention.

The media’s priorities are severely screwed up and she’s right… they don’t line up with the rest of America. Not even close. Meanwhile, the media ignores every good thing President Trump has done. The stock market is up, jobs are coming back, the rule of law is being followed once more and just this morning I heard that Iraq has officially announced that the ISIS Caliphate is no more. Instead of gossiping like a bunch of old busy bodies, the media should do their jobs and report on the facts on the issues that truly mean something out there. Not some progressive fantasy of bringing down a sitting President.

She humiliated the reporters in attendance and you would think they would feel some sense of shame, but they don’t. The press can do and say pretty much whatever they want. Even when they are subversive, they aren’t held to account over it. But we don’t have to listen to them or watch and read their lies. And Americans certainly aren’t falling for their propaganda. Sarah’s stats were correct and they didn’t like it at all… in fact they wrote about how wrong she was. No, she’s right and the sniveling communist media is the one who is dead wrong on all this. They’ve forgotten they used to be journalists… now they are just hacks.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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