ALERT: CNN Launches Two New Shows to PROMOTE Muslim Propaganda and Racism

You should be able to time the cancellation of these two upcoming programs with an egg timer. CNN is airing one program to prosthelytize Americans into becoming Muslims using propaganda in the guise of entertainment. Except it won’t be entertaining, just trite. “Believe” promotes Islam as one of the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups – you know, as opposed to those boring mainstay religions of Judaism and Christianity. “United Shades of America” is guaranteed to be a white-bashing, race-fest of its own. And anyone who says otherwise is… well, racist.

From Conservative Tribune:

With CNN hoping to raise their ratings, they recently announced the addition of two shows that will likely be as controversial as they are short-lived.

The new shows, hosted by W. Kamau Bell and Reza Aslan, will appeal directly to their hardcore liberal audience, as both shows touch on issues of religion and race.

Aslan’s show has a working title of “Believer.” The CNN press release stated, “Aslan will immerse himself into one of the world’s most fascinating faith-based groups to experience life as a true believer.”

Translation: He will spend most of his time defending Islam. He already has a past filled with bashing Christianity and claiming the Bible is inaccurate, even though he’s not a historian or biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination.

He also once labeled Bill Maher’s criticism of Islam as “frank bigotry” and called Sam Harris’ criticism of Islam “paranoid, unsophisticated and uniformed.” (H/T Breitbart)

Bell is also no stranger to controversy either, especially when dealing with topics of race in the United States.

His new show, to be called “United Shades of America,” will have Bell “explore the far corners of our country and its various groups and subcultures.”

Translation: It will showcase anything Bell remotely considers racism and probably repeat the phrase “white privilege” as often as possible.

At one point, Bell remarked that whites don’t have the right to label what’s racist and what’s not, because, in fact, only white people are racist.

On his previous attempt at a show, which was nothing short of a disaster, Bell even accused everyone who identifies with the tea party as being racist.

He’s also a major supporter of President Barack Obama.

Better set your DVR if you want to catch these shows, folks. We don’t expect them to be around long.

Both hosts bash Christianity, white Americans and conservatism every chance they get. Instead of appealing to all Americans, CNN has doubled down on their liberal base to really diss the majority of us. Let’s see… CNN’s rating are in free fall, so we’ll pander to Muslims and anyone who is not white. That’s the ticket! We’ll do that. Sure, no one watches us now, but if you are going to commit media suicide, do it in a big, political way! CNN needs to go away and they are doing a really good job of shoving themselves out the door. These people fear and hate the Tea Party with every fiber of their being. Perhaps they should relocate all their offices to the Middle East – I’m sure that after they lose most of their staff to beheadings, etc., they’ll fit right in.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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