Anderson Cooper Shocks Elizabeth Warren When He Says This About Her Claims of Racism by Trump Admin [VIDEO]

Anderson Cooper Shocks Elizabeth Warren When He Says This About Her Claims of Racism by Trump Admin [VIDEO]

Anderson Cooper really tries to be fair and balanced. I disagree with him frequently, but he’s one of the few journalists out there that calls it as they see it. He’s a professional. So, when Fauxcahontas called President-elect Donald Trump a racist and a bigot, he took exception with that. But where he really nailed Elizabeth Warren, was when she called Steve Bannon a white supremacist. I have seen no evidence of that being true and neither has Cooper who told her as much. Good for him.

I am not the biggest fan of Steve Bannon, but all this crap trying to tie him to the KKK is just ridiculous. There are some fringe types that hang around Bannon and Trump… but there are those types that hang around Clinton and Warren as well. And guess what? The KKK may have endorsed Trump, but they also endorsed Clinton. That doesn’t mean anything and Bannon certainly did not ask for or condone their support. It’s one thing when you call someone on something you can prove… it’s quite another when you throw slurs around and don’t back it up with anything. Warren is known for doing that.


From the Independent Review Journal:

Anderson Cooper interviewed Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren last week to discuss the election results and President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominations.

Like other media personalities, Cooper is no stranger to criticism from Donald Trump. Still, he put his foot down when he heard a possible misrepresentation of facts.

Cooper asked Sen. Warren what she thought of Trump’s cabinet nominations. She said approved of Trump’s rumored decision to retain Preet Bharara as Manhattan U.S. Attorney, but so far, she isn’t happy:

“Well, look, so far, what we have seen is that Donald Trump has doubled down on racism and bigotry. He’s got as his strategic adviser, a person who is a white supremacist and he’s now doubling down…”

Cooper quickly interrupted her answer to correct her facts:

“Wait a minute. There’s no evidence he’s a white supremacist. He obviously — you know, there’s people who are white supremacists who support Donald Trump and who support, like Breitbart or Steve Bannon. But…”

Warren doubled down on the slur. Do I need to remind anyone this woman was a raving moonbat at the Democratic Convention in 2012? She’s nuts. Oh, and a liar on multiple fronts. I don’t know why anyone would believe a thing she says or insinuates. Warren gave faint praise to Trump on getting rid of lobbyists and for some of his cabinet appointments. But come on… this woman is a stone cold Marxist. She doesn’t have room to say anything about anyone. This is Warren’s attempt to stay relevant. Fail.

Warren is beside herself because not only did Donald Trump win the presidency, sending Hillary Clinton into obscurity, Republicans also control the Senate and House. She’s throwing a political fit for nothing and trying to smear anyone she can. Anderson Cooper at least had the spine to call her on it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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