Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Megyn Kelly Attacks Are Insulting, It’s A Rude Circus

Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Megyn Kelly Attacks Are Insulting, It’s A Rude Circus

Seriously? This shrew again? Please, spare me. Your faux feminism is showing, Andrea. Trump was not referring to that time of the month for Megyn Kelly. I know that makes a really cool talking point and somehow you think that will hurt The Donald. Fail. He meant a bloody nose and fumbled the answer. All that does is make him human, not a monster like you. Gender is not the most important topic to women. That’s a false dichotomy and you know it. I’m a woman and I find your false claims of being insulted repugnant and offensive. Trump is rude on that statement because you made a concerted effort to take it that way. More orchestrated dishonesty from the lamestream media.

Andrea Mitchell

From Breitbart:

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the host of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and chief foreign affairs correspondent for NBC News Andrea Mitchell discussed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly bleeding.

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Mitchell said, “He’s got Teflon. If not this, what? Gender, what could be more important, 53 percent of the voters, you drill down on what women care about, what women want. It’s insulting, it’s rude. he attacks the most popular star on cable TV.”

She added, “The circus goes on … But I’m not persuaded at all that Donald Trump on the issue of jobs and the economy is what you’re really going to hear because look at the way he describes the bankruptcy law. Look at the way he talks about jobs. No one has really been able to seriously sit down and interview him about what he knows and what he does.”

The percentages she quotes are another lie and numbers can say whatever you want them to say. Andrea Mitchell is like some damned media disease. She’s incurable and most of us just pray for relief from her. She is the rude circus, not Trump. Andrea has never created one single thing in her very, very long life. That’s all Trump has done. He’s built a financial empire and created thousands of jobs. He’s boosted economies and provided the means by which Americans can live good, productive and free lives. All Mitchell does is blab and lie. And what the hell does she know about bankruptcy law? Nothing, I would wager. Trump has seriously answered questions – more so than most – I’ve heard him. Andrea just doesn’t like the answers.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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