Andrea Tantaros Reveals the REAL Reason She Left Fox News… Fans Shocked

Andrea Tantaros Reveals the REAL Reason She Left Fox News… Fans Shocked

We have all been following what has been going down at Fox News and the sexual-harassment allegations against Roger Ailes. However, those claims are being challenged by Andrea Tantaros. She’s rocking the boat with separate allegations now…


From New York Magazine:

Tantaros says that, after she came forward, she was first demoted and eventually taken off the air in April 2016. Fox continues to pay her.

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Through her lawyer, Judd Burstein, Tantaros says that both she and her agent told Fox executive vice-president Bill Shine, senior vice-president Suzanne Scott, and general counsel Dianne Brandi about episodes of Ailes’s alleged harassment. “She made multiple harassment and hostile-workplace complaints,” Burstein says. As far as Tantaros knows, Fox executives never investigated her complaints, Burstein says; instead, they claim, Fox sidelined her. “I believe it’s retaliatory,” says Burstein.

Fox’s attorneys dispute this. The network says Tantaros was suspended with pay because she violated company policy by not allowing Fox to vet her 2016 book, Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What They Wanted Has Made Women Miserable. Fox attorneys told Burstein the network was embarrassed by her book’s cover, which depicts Tantaros bound by ropes.

What do you think? Is this a bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on all the sudden? Or is there something legit going on here…

It’s getting harder and harder to tell anymore, isn’t it?

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