AOL Plunges Into the Deep End of Moonbattery With HuffPo

AOL finally ended its disastrous marriage to moonbatty Time-Warner, but apparently learned nothing from the experience:

Online company AOL Inc. is buying online news hub Huffington Post in a $315 million deal that represents a bold bet on the future of online news. …

Perhaps just as important as picking up a news site that ranks as one of the top 10 current events and global news destinations, AOL will be adding Huffington Post co-founder and media star Arianna Huffington to its management team as part of the deal.

After the acquisition closes later this year, Huffington will be put in charge of AOL’s growing array of content…

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Technology analyst Rob Enderle is quoted as saying that the $315 million is “really just the hiring fee to get Arianna,” and that she could end up running the whole company.

Having an obnoxious screwball like Arianna Huffington in charge of all content should be alarming enough for any remaining AOL stockholders. Huffington Post’s success is due to having become the primary online source of hard core leftist propaganda. Now AOL content will inevitably cross the increasingly thin line between establishment liberalism and spittle-spewing moonbattery. Given that conservatives outnumber liberals more than two to one, this strategy amounts to alienating normal people by pandering to a shrinking lunatic fringe. It should work out for AOL about as well as it has for Newsweek and MSNBC.

At the outer edge of the left-wing lunatic fringe.

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