AP Pushes Muslims Into Story Where They Don’t Belong

The AP recently posted one of its many daily short news stories, reports usually of only three or four paragraphs in length, this one about the possible Nazi connotations of a vanity license plate issued by the Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles. But at the last second, this report suddenly became a propaganda tool for the radical Islamist group CAIR.

As it happens, the Virginia DMV revoked a vanity plate issued in 2009 with “14CV88” embossed upon it. Supposedly the numbers “88” and “14” are connected to Hitler in some way or another, but what makes the AP report appalling is the last line in the AP report.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations applauded the DMV’s action.

Um, why did the AP feel it necessary to add that CAIR was happy that the Nazi influenced vanity plate was pulled? What do Muslims have to do with opposing anti-Jewish sentiment? In fact, isn’t it rather the opposite more often than not? More outrageously, Islamism was an offshoot of Nazism as Hitler’s Nazi system served as the model for radical Islam as practiced today. Yet the AP is allowing radical Islamists to claim the mantle of anti-racists?

Yes, here is the AP giving CAIR, a Muslim group connected to extremist, anti-Semitic, radical Islamists, the cover of appearing as if they cared that a vanity license plate in Virginia was denied because it might have anti-Jewish sentiment buried in its numbers. Here is the AP giving this radical hate group an assist for its propaganda so that it can fool Americans into thinking they are “reasonable” and against racism!

Will the AP miss no opportunity to further CAIR’s pro-Islamist propaganda?

Way to go Dhimmi AP!

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