BAD NEWS for Megyn Kelly Right After She Leaves Fox

BAD NEWS for Megyn Kelly Right After She Leaves Fox

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly finally made the decision to leave the network and continue her journalistic career in the offices of NBC. While this may be an excellent move for her personally after the attacks she faced regarding the first Republican Presidential debate, it would appear that she may be facing a ratings hit among Republicans and Trump voters.

A new Morning Consult poll, cited by Breitbart, revealed that Kelly’s viewership may see a dramatic shift in her target demographic.


In a shocking new poll, a whopping 29% of Republican males stated that they are less likely to watch Kelly after her switch to NBC, while an astounding 36% of Democrat males admitted that they were MORE likely to watch her.

The shift among women was smaller, with 25% of Republican females saying they don’t plan to follow her move, and only 19% of Democrat women claiming they would.


29% of Clinton voters and 27% of Obama’s 2012 voters said the transfer would make them more likely to watch Kelly, while 26% of Trump voters claimed less likely.

But that’s not the only dramatic shift that may be coming up in her viewership. The same poll also found that she has a chance to increase the number of young people watching her show.

27% of people within the age range of 18-29 and 28% of people from 30-44 say that Kelly being on NBC makes them more likely to watch her program.


While the move may not seem favorable for Republicans, it would appear as though Kelly is going to expand her base despite the number of Trump voters who claim they won’t watch her. It’s interesting to see that so many millennials plan to watch her show since the jump.

Note: Polling was conducted January 5-7 among 2,200 adults and a +/-2 margin of error.

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