Best News Yet for Fox

The appalling election of Barack Obama hasn’t been a disaster for everyone: Fox News is riding high, as a terrified public seeks an island of objective information in television’s sea of shamelessly distorted Obamunist propaganda. It hasn’t hurt that the amateurs running the White House have explicitly established FNC as the one TV news service that won’t toe their line.

The Nielsen Media Research reports through the week before Christmas show that FOX scored its highest viewership in its 13 years, the No. 1 cable news channel for eight years running. FNC also ranked as the No. 3 cable network in prime-time, No. 4 in total-day viewership.

FOX’s overall share of the cable news market grew from 38 percent in 2008 to 44 percent in 2009.

As for the stale statist opposition:

CNN, meanwhile, slipped to third place in primetime cable news programming among the sought-after 25-54 age group – behind FOX and MSNBC. CNN ranked No. 23 in prime-time cable generally, 21 during the total day. MSNBC: No. 24 in prime-time, 30 in total day.

All of Fox News Channel’s programs gained viewers over the previous year, while CNN’s and MSNBC’s were down. Among that 25-54 crowd, all of FNC’s programs were up double-digits over 2008. FNC was up 8 percent in prime-time among the 25-54 viewers over the previous year, CNN down 9 percent, MSNBC down 3 percent.

Through Dec. 23, Nielsen reports:

• Fox News Channel’s total viewership was 2.58 million, up 7 percent over the previous year. Among the 25-54 year olds: 653,000, up 11 percent.

• CNN’s total viewership was 1 million, down 32 percent. Among the 25-54 set: 304,000, down 27 percent.

• MSNBC’s total viewership was 958,000 , down 12 percent. Among the 25-54 crowd: 304,000, down 27 percent.

As for the shrill claims by the White House and other extremist quarters that Fox only gives the conservative side, another moonbat will soon be brought on board to join Geraldo, Shep Smith, Alan Colmes, Bob Beckel, et al.: Joe Trippi, former campaign manager of Howard “Dr. Demento” Dean. At least Trippi has the smarts to join a winning team this time.

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