Bill O’Reilly RETURNS!

Bill O’Reilly RETURNS!

Bill O’Reilly was arguably Fox News’ biggest star, especially after the network lost Megyn Kelly. O’Reilly was a ratings juggernaut for Fox, but after he became entangled in a sexual harassment scandal, he was fired. But now, he’s announced that he’s coming back on the air.

O’Reilly announced on his website that he will be hosting a new podcast, which will start Monday at 7:00 pm. The announcement read: “MONDAY: THE NO-SPIN NEWS RETURNS”. The podcast will be free through the week, but starting on Monday, it will be for premium subscribers only.

Last year, Fox News was stricken with a sexual harassment scandal. Multiple anchors, including Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Tantaros, alleged that Fox News executives allowed a culture of sexual harassment to flourish, especially at the hands of former CEO Roger Ailes. Ailes was let go and Carlson was given a massive settlement and an unprecedented apology from Fox News.

When allegations began surfacing against O’Reilly, the Murdoch family evidently did not want to take any chances. O’Reilly went on a scheduled vacation, but rumors flew that he would not be returning to the air. And sure enough, while O’Reilly was gone, he was let go. But he didn’t make out too poorly in the deal. O’Reilly walked away with a $25 million severance deal to buy him out of his contract.

While O’Reilly will be continuing on with a podcast, his future beyond that seems to be unclear. No cable news network seems likely to want to hire him, but there are allegedly some alternative news networks interested, including Newsmax, One America News Network, and Sinclair Broadcasting.

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Perhaps O’Reilly and Fox News have both been set free of what was a mutually bad situation. Fox News has now lost two of their biggest stars, but who knows? Maybe change can be a good thing.

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