Bizarre Media Campaign to Link Sarah Palin to Tucson Shootings Actually Worked

There is a reason the “mainstream” media relentlessly bashes Sarah Palin, even blaming her for a tragic event that had absolutely no connection with her whatsoever — it works:

After days of relentless attacks by media across the fruited plain, Sarah Palin’s unfavorable rating hit an all-time high this week. …

From January 8 [the day of the Tucson Massacre] through January 16, CNN ran 80 stories that included the name of the former Alaska governor.

That’s roughly nine pieces per day, during which her name was mentioned approximately 664 times or over 70 times every 24 hours!

As few if any of these mentions were positive, is there any wonder a new CNN/Opinion Research poll found 56 percent of all Americans now have an unfavorable view of Sarah Palin — an all-time high?

Not many people watch CNN anymore. But adding in the numbers for NPR, ABC, CBS, and NBC, plus the prime time weekday numbers for MSNBC, there were 179 reports on Palin in 16 days, mentioning her name 1,485 times. Screaming her name over and over again in the aftermath of a tragedy will inevitably form a link in people’s minds, even if no rational connection has been proven or even suggested.

As moonbat congresscritter Steve Cohen might say, “repeat a lie often enough…”

Via an alarming post at The Daily Show.

On a tip from SR. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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