Black Lives Matter Activist Gets Mic CUT OFF By Tucker Carlson While YELLING About White Racism [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter Activist Gets Mic CUT OFF By Tucker Carlson While YELLING About White Racism [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson has made his name by eating liberals for lunch and with his new show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” he has been gaining more fans every day. His latest victim is a Black Lives Matter activist and the conversation got so out of control, that her mic actually had to be cut off.

Lisa Durden appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday and argued for a “blacks-only” Memorial Day event. “I thought the whole point of Black Lives Matter was to speak out against singling out people based on race, and punishing them for that, because you can’t control what your race is,” Carlson said. “And yet they seem to be doing that, explain that to me.”

“What I say to that is boo-hoo-hoo, you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your ‘white privilege’ card to get invited to the Black Lives Matter’s all-black Memorial Day celebration! Wow! Let me contextualize that for you,” Durden responded, shouting at Carlson. “Memorial Day was created by black former slaves in 1865 to honor those individuals who were Union soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms so Black Lives Matter in that same vein decided to get together with black folks to honor black folks. To make sure that black folks was celebrated for being murdered by racist terrorists!”

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At this point, Carlson cut off her microphone, but Durden kept going, arguing that white people had “white day” all the time. “‘The Bachelorette,’ it took 11 seasons for a black bachelorette! Are you serious?” she said. “Do you think it would be fair if white people did come to a Black Lives Matter celebration to use the same water fountain that you do?” Carlson asked in response.

“They do all the time!” Durden answered defensively. “When you look at Black Lives Matter marches and you see black lives are coming together collectively for issues, you see people of all races, so we do accept them. This particular day, they said, ‘Stay your asses out! We want to celebrate today.’ We don’t want anybody going against us today.”

“And you can’t celebrate if someone who doesn’t look like you is around?” Carson asked, and then jumped in before Durden could answer. “You’re demented actually, you’re sick. And what you’re saying is disgusting, and if you were a Nazi, I would be saying the same thing to you.”

“Luckily I’m not a Nazi!” Durden answered. “What you’re saying is indistinguishable from what they are saying, which is I don’t care for your opinions, your views, your life experience, your intentions, all I care about is the way you look, something you can’t control,” Carlson said. “And on that basis alone I’m judging you, and I’m hostile to you. That’s the case you’re making and it’s divisive and wrong. And it’s amazing that you even have to say that out loud.”

You can see the entire interview here:

Do you think it’s racist for Black Lives Matter groups to have blacks-only events?

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