Blonde Anchor RIPS Obama in Legendary Rant – This Is Going Viral

Blonde Anchor RIPS Obama in Legendary Rant – This Is Going Viral

Many people were devastated by Obama’s response or lack thereof to the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Devastated because he just didn’t seem to care. As usual, words without emotion and very little time spent on acknowledging what our allies are going through, or reassuring the fears of those watching him in hopes that he will lead… but no, as always…disappointment was all that we got from him. Here is one news anchor who is NOT going to let him get away with it…freely.


From Qpolitical:

Every American needs to hear this young lady’s powerful message to our President. It’s about time someone says it.

During her most recent Final Thoughts segment titled “Belgium Strong,” the brilliant blonde bombshell crushed Obama’s weak response to the tragic attack in Brussels.

“The death toll continues to rise in Brussels… the radical Muslims have no problem taking credit for terror. Why is it then our President has such a reluctance — a downright refusal — to do so?

This morning, Barack Obama offered just a few seconds worth of remarks on the attacks…

If you missed out on the press conference I can sum it up for you in just a few sentences:

‘The world must unite; the United States will stand in solidarity with Belgium; the attacks are outrageous.’ It took only a few seconds for him to shrug off yet another terrorist attack.”

This morning Barack Obama offered a few seconds on the Brussels attacks. I’ll take it from there…

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I couldn’t agree more with her…

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