Bobby Jindal slams Obama stating his comments were utterly SHAMELESS [Video]

Bobby Jindal is right… Obama is totally shameless. And he’s delusional – these incidents happen in many other countries and have been going on forever. His argument is dishonest and specious. He’s using another emergency to push his Marxist gun control agenda. Pushing politics, while standing on the bodies of those murdered in a church. Obama is wallowing in their blood. Jindal has the guts to stand and call Obama out for trying to score cheap political points after a slaughter of innocents. While Obama is blaming easy access to guns, Jindal solidly stands on constitutional principles and rightly says this is not the time for Obama to peddle politics when he should be uniting people in the US after a monstrous tragedy.

From The Right Scoop:

Bobby Jindal came out strong today against Obama’s comments pushing gun-control, not even 24 hours after this horrible mass murder, calling them absolutely shameless and explaining what Obama should have done and said in the wake of such a tragedy.

Obama should have called people to fill their churches and turn to God. Instead, he calls to have all guns banned in a blatant move to once again push his goals before leaving office. This is not the time for this. Taking away the guns will not stop evil. Demons will find a way. If those people in that church had been armed, this monster might have been stopped and lives saved. We’ll be lucky if this does not spin into a race war with Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers calling for blood in the streets. Don’t lock your churches… arm yourselves and call more to worship and turn to God. Now’s the time to double down in worship, not cower in fear.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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