BOOM: Watch Tucker Carlson Humiliate Immigration Activist

BOOM: Watch Tucker Carlson Humiliate Immigration Activist

Tucker Carlson has been on a roll lately, owning liberals left and right on his show. But his latest guest, immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas, really had it coming to him… and Carlson did not hold back at all.


Vargas was sent by his parents to the United States illegally from the Philippines when he was 12 years-old. After becoming an adult, Vargas never shied away from openly admitting that he was an illegal immigrant, gaining him much notoriety. But usually, the hosts fawn over him. Not this time, though.

It started when Vargas couldn’t answer Carlson’s question about how the Philippine’s treat illegal immigrants. So Carlson moved on to enforcing current immigration laws. “You’re making the case, in effect, that the U.S. doesn’t have a right to say to people who are here illegally, ‘You’re not allowed to be here,’” he said.

“The country has a right to define and defend its borders. But at the same time, we have a right to ask harder questions of ourselves about ‘why are people coming here?’” Vargas responded. “Tucker, do you think that I came to this country so you can beat me up and call me ‘illegal and criminal’ on national television? Do you think that’s what I want?”

Carlson responded by laughing.

Vargas then began to complain that people who come to the United States illegally are called illegal immigrants. “When you call people criminals … words matter here,” Vargas said. “How do you legalize people you call illegal? You don’t — you call them illegal, end of conversation.” So Carlson pointed out that Vargas was arguing that the country should be able to enforce immigration laws, but can’t call people who are illegal immigrants illegal. “Because ‘being here illegally’ or being here without documentation or authorization is a civil offence,” Vargas argued. “Not criminal. Almost half of the people who are here illegally actually came legally and overstayed their visa. Right? They aren’t crossing the Mexican border.”

Eventually, Vargas lost his patience, and snapped at Carlson. “You don’t actually operate in facts,” Vargas said. “I operate in facts, you’re a pundit. There’s a difference between the two of us.”

Watch the entire video here:

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