BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Makes Announcement About Future at Fox News

BREAKING: Megyn Kelly Makes Announcement About Future at Fox News

Even though I have disagreed with Megyn Kelly on many things, I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. That ended when she groundlessly attacked Pamela Geller, who is an old and cherished friend of mine. It was petty and vicious and destroyed any faith I had in Kelly. She is now coming out and saying that she has ‘great options’ outside of Fox News as her longtime producer has now announced he will be leaving her. It appears to me that Kelly has been choosing her words carefully and lying subtly all along. Frankly, I don’t give a damn what she does.

I have suspected from the beginning that Kelly leans left politically. She made comments supporting Hillary Clinton early on and everyone knows how she has treated Donald Trump. She didn’t just treat Trump that way, she was caustic towards Ted Cruz as well. It is reported that she was offered $20 million by Fox News to stay on. That much I believe. As recently as last week, Kelly denied being in talks with other networks, but I doubt that is true. Again, words matter. She isn’t herself in talks, but her reps and attorneys surely are.


From the Daily Mail:

Megyn Kelly is finally opening up about her future at Fox News in a new interview.

The popular host refused to reveal whether or not she will stay at the network when her contact is up in July, but she did tell The Washington Post that she has many ‘great options’ to consider.

She also said how happy she was to be at Fox News however, and confirmed that her new boss Lachlan Murdoch did provide her with a ‘generous offer’ to continue hosting The Kelly File.

‘I don’t see myself as some television star, I see myself as a girl from Albany. So it’s a great business; it’s a dream job,’ said Kelly.

‘And I’m very glad that I have chance to work here, whether it’s at Fox or another channel. Hard to get a job in TV news, so I haven’t lost sight of that.’

The interview was conducted just before Fox News announced that Kelly’s executive producer Tom Lowell would no longer be working with the host.

Lowell has been Kelly’s producer ever since she started hosting her first show on Fox News back in 2007. He then continued to work with Kelly when she moved to America Live in 2010 and then The Kelly File three years later. Lowell will take on the role of vice president of news and editorial for the cable channel at the start of the new year. This is ostensibly a step up… but it also indicates uncertainty concerning Kelly and whether she will come or go.

Kelly has not accepted Fox’s generous offer. She is still ‘thinking’ it over. She has repeatedly said she wants more time with her children and I believe that. Donald Trump has said he is responsible for Kelly’s success. But she was pretty successful before this election. However, I will say he certainly catapulted her into the spotlight. Kelly was catty in response. “I did not get a million-dollar or multimillion-dollar loan from my dad. I did not grow up with silver spoon in my mouth,” said Kelly. “In fact, I lost my dad at a young age and had to put myself through school. I didn’t have a lot of the advantages Donald Trump had but I had the most important ones you can get, which are loving parents who cared about me and helped me develop a sense of self.” She then added: “But it certainly wasn’t Donald Trump’s doing.”

It is said out there that CNN, NBC and ABC are all courting Kelly. I also believe that. The 46 year-old is currently in talks with NBC, an industry executive tells Vanity Fair, while ABC renewed, and perhaps sweetened, its effort to woo Kelly in the past month according to a person familiar with the discussions. Kelly has flatly stated that money is not her overriding issue in considering her next steps. That may be an indication that she will walk from Fox News. I think Kelly may find that she is not as hot as she thinks and if she departs Fox, they will survive nicely.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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