CBS Doesn’t Want You to Hear What These Muslims Said During a Focus Group

CBS Doesn’t Want You to Hear What These Muslims Said During a Focus Group

CBS held a focus group for Muslims to air their opinions. I presume this was a jab at Donald Trump. It always is. In it, they proclaim how many Muslims have come out against the terror of ISIS and how they are abusing their religion. That’s not what I really got out of this. Call me wacky… what I read here was how they were being abused by the US government. It would seem that CBS edited those comments for public consumption. Frank Luntz interviewed the group and allegedly not only cut them off, but then was part of the censoring of the segment. The accusations came from multiple participants and by the way CBS is acting over it, I’d say they are probably telling the truth. At least their version of the truth.

Muslim Perspectives

From Independent Journal:

As allegations that the actions of Islamic extremist groups continue tocontribute to an atmosphere of ‘Islamophobia’ in the West, many Muslims have spoken out against ISIS as “crazy criminals who are abusing our religion.”

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CBS political consultant Frank Luntz sat down with a group of Muslim-Americans in order to find out how they feel about the current atmosphere in the U.S.

While CBS reports that the focus group overwhelmingly wanted “to emphasize they’re American,” sources are indicating the final segment was “manipulatively edited,” and that political consultant Frank Luntz even “silenced” some group members’ opinions.

All CBS wanted to hear was how horrible Trump was. But more than one pointed out the fact that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had killed many, many Muslims. Yep, they have and not to give them a pass or anything, but we are actually at war with radical Islamists. And far be it from me to defend Marxists, but surveillance programs against the Muslim communities here in the States is justified considering the terrorism that comes out of their mosques and is being brought into America via refugees. My beef with them is that they have stopped almost all of the surveillance and now terrorism is ramping up here in the States. CBS also edited out parts where they complained about the media discussing Muslims. I certainly don’t feel sorry for CBS here. They are known to skew content in their favor and censor viewpoints from those they interview. But I also don’t feel sorry for the Muslims here. They seem to be blaming the US government once again and not taking any responsibility for the terrorists in their midst. Neither CBS or the Ummah want you to hear what they really say because it would outrage America. This is another example of that.

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