Chgo Trib Wants ‘Reform,’ Yet Endorses Machine Candidates

On Dec. 27th, the Chicago Tribune sternly scolded our Illinois political class saying that we need “reform” in Illinois. The Trib announced that with all the past corruption they’d had “enough.” And they promised to launch a “pre-primary push to elect better” politicians.

Well, who could disagree with that? Illinois has one of the most corrupt, most indebted, least transparent, most inbred political scene in the country. It is rife with corruption on both sides of the political divide and we are ripe for change. So, yes, we all can agree with the Chicago Tribune that we need to clean up this political cesspool. The “Chicago Way” that has now invaded Washington D.C. should be eliminated back here at home.

So, hear, hear, Chicago Tribune. We agree. You are a fast friend to the weak and downtrodden. A champion of the common man. A paragon of reform, etc., etc.

Yep, all that horn tootin’ was great, Trib. So, let’s see how you did with picking candidates to endorse

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You picked Andy McKenna? Really, he’s your idea of reform? One of the most “connected” Republicans in the state, one that is a hidebound member of the GOP good ol’ boy network? One that just admitted that he used Party money illicitly when he was party chairman? One that presided over the downfall of the GOP over the last 5 years? One whose father not long ago sat on the Tribune Company’s board… oh, wait. Maybe THAT’s why Andy McKenna got the nod, because old man McKenna was on the board and is everyone’s pal down at the Trib! (Andrew McKenna, Sr. left the board in 2002)

Lt. Governor
You picked Matt Murphy, Trib? Listen, I like Matt, he seems like an avuncular sort of fellow. But he is also the establishment candidate and hardly an outsider or a reformer.

Now this one really is funny. You picked Judy Baar Topinka for comptroller, Tribune. If ever there was an establishment candidate in the comptroller race it’s Judy Baar.

Cook County Board President
Well you endorsed Roger Keats for the GOP side. He’ll surely be a fine candidate, but he IS the establishment candidate to be sure. He is the Party candidate, not an outsider or reformer.

You picked Mark Kirk (GOP) and David Hoffman (Dem) for your Senate picks, Trib? Nice going. Both are as establishment as it gets and both are liberals. Neither will reform a thing as they are both down the line big spending, liberal agenda candidates. Not a whiff of reform about them.

Sorry, Tribune, but if this is your idea of looking for reform, if this is your idea of defeating the long tradition of insider corruption, if this is your idea of think outside the box… well, what can I say? You prove yourselves to be prevaricators of the highest order.

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