CNN Anchor Claims Trump’s CNN Tweet Is An Attempt To ‘Impersonate Hugo Chavez’ [VIDEO]

CNN Anchor Claims Trump’s CNN Tweet Is An Attempt To ‘Impersonate Hugo Chavez’ [VIDEO]

By now we’ve all seen Trump’s most perfect tweet to date, but here it is again for good measure because I can’t stop watching it.

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On Sunday, CNN’s “Realiable Sources” host Brian Stelter started his day by making ridiculous claims that Trump’s wrestling tweet ought to be considered hateful content and demanded its removal to zero effect.

Again… this is what Brian Stelter considered hateful content.

On his Sunday Show, Reliable Sources, Brian went a few steps further by pushing forward the idea that Trump was trying to “impersonate Hugo Chavez,” the Marxist former el presidente of Venezuela who died in 2013 from either a heart attack or complications of colon cancer.

As reported in Breitbart, Stelter asked:

“Is this president trying to impersonate Hugo Chavez, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Vladimir Putin? Because this is exactly the kind of language that leaders use when they’re trying to undermine the press. Of course, the American press is much more free than reporters in places like Russia and Turkey and Venezuela. On this Independence day weekend that’s something we should all be celebrating.”

This follows in the recent spat of left wing journalists trotting out every possible name they can pull from the history books in an effort to look educated and brilliant, but really they’re just covering the fact that they have nothing left but big words and the hopes that their viewers side with them on being wowed by such big words and expensive-sounding names.

Stelter also commented that “This is day six of Trump’s anti-media tweet storms,” as if social media were trench warfare in 1944-era Europe. He branded Trump’s tweets about Mika and Joe as “offensive” and then had the nerve to complain that the tweets about Mika and Joe took up several days worth of the news cycle, blind to his personal inability to let it go, too.

In response to his plea that nobody in media is willing to speak up against the horrible attacks against CNN, I have this to say:

You can watch the meltdown here:

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