CNN Just Got Bad News That Has Conservatives CHEERING…

CNN Just Got Bad News That Has Conservatives CHEERING…

It turns out that Americans just aren’t that into CNN. They don’t like hearing the liberal agenda touted unfairly over other agendas. They don’t like hearing race-baiting nonsense coming, undisputed, from guests and anchors. They don’t like listening to the hosts bash Donald Trump while lauding Hillary Clinton as a champion of Americans.

In fact, they hate it so much that they are voting with their remotes and it’s having a devastating effect on the media giant’s ratings.


From Young Conservatives:

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CNN has done an absolutely terrible job covering the 2016 race.

Every time you tune in, they are either making something up or bashing Trump or both.

Anderson Cooper is doing it.  Don Lemon is doing it.  The only halfway respectable person on there is Jake Tapper.

And the ratings are showing it.

In fact, they just fell to third place behind MSNBC.

From TV Newser:



Now it’s possible that the Olympics could be creating a temporary dent in prime-time viewership, but it’s more likely that the American people are getting fed up with divisive journalism and are making their voices heard, ironically, with their silence.

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