Dearborn Muslims Are Erecting a Statue of Helen Thomas

Just as no good deed goes unpunished, no act of evil remains unrewarded for long — much less a whole career of evil that reached its crescendo with a denunciation of Jews so tasteless that not even the liberal establishment media could stomach it. This is why the Muslim colonists populating Dearbornistan are erecting a statue of Helen Thomas.

The Dearborn-based Arab American National Museum has launched an online fund-raiser at to get $10,000 to finish a sculpture of Thomas, 89, who was born to immigrants from Lebanon. … The total cost of the statue is $25,000-$30,000, said Anan Ameri, the museum’s director.

I’d be surprised if taxes aren’t making up most of the difference. No problem, Michigan is flush with cash these days.

Thomas will be best remembered for demanding (at a Jewish heritage celebration) that Jews “get the hell out” of their homeland and relocate to Germany and Poland, where not long ago they were butchered by the millions.

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These remarks were not quite appalling enough for Wayne State University to take her name off the Spirit of Diversity in Media award, “established 10 years ago to honor journalists and diversity.” Diversity in media means that journalists can be either moonbats or Jew-hating moonbats.

Incredibly, this is not a joke.

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