Doing Goebbels Proud… German Huffington Post Publishes Hit List of Refugee Opponents

Doing Goebbels Proud… German Huffington Post Publishes Hit List of Refugee Opponents

If the Huffington Post will do this in Germany, they will do it here in America over illegal immigration and the refugee crisis. The Huffington Post Germany is now listing the names and photos of those who are opposed to the Hijrah migration into Europe. Those that are standing against the invasion are having their Facebook and Twitter accounts shut down as well. Once again, you aren’t hearing this in the mainstream media, but Pamela Geller, being the lioness she has always been, brings it to us. I already knew that Mark Zuckerberg was working with Angela Merkel in quashing free speech and now I know why. It would upset the global elitists’ plans on forcing all populations together and pushing Islam and Shariah Law down our throats. This would make Goebbels proud. The European witch hunt has begun.

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From Pamela Geller:

The Huffington Post (Germany) is posting peoples names and photos who comment on social media opposing the migrant invasion. If you post a comment on their site or Facebook or any social media, you will be named. The Huffington Post is a global news organization. This is putting a target on anyone’s head that refuses to go along with the leftist/Islamic war on freedom. These are the lengths the left will go to impose the sharia (Islamic law) on the unwilling.

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I have long said the media is the enemy. It’s why I refer to them as the enemedia. They abdicated their role as a news gathering entity and morphed into an activist organization viciously pursuing an anti-freedom agenda.

Germans that are posting anti-refugee posts on Facebook or any other social media site, are being shut down. Facebook, Twitter, etc, and their faces and accounts are being posted. It’s  a witch hunt.

Chancellor Merkel is working Mark Zuckerberg to censor anti-invasion FB posts.

Hitlerian. Goebbels, actually.

The media is being used as a weapon against free speech. What you see in Europe today, you will see in America tomorrow. If they want to play these games, they are going to have a real fight on their hands here in the States. The Huffington Post should totally be boycotted over this. Most Americans will tell them to bring it anytime and to go ahead and post their names and photos. You won’t make us back down or slink away. The refugee inundation into America has to stop… the borders most be closed and sealed. Obama is bringing in invaders and terrorists and just setting them free to destroy the country. It’s official… The Huffington Post, Facebook and Twitter are now using Nazi-like tactics to suppress any position that they don’t happen to like or agree with. They are controlling huge communication channels out there and feel they can extort people into complying. It will backfire on them, especially in America. This is the media for you – a true enemy from within.

Hit List

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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