Donald Trump Slams ‘Third Rate Talk Show Host’ For Asking Pointless Foreign Policy Questions

On Thursday Donald Trump spoke to radio host Hugh Hewitt when Hewitt asked some very specific foreign policy questions. Instead of treating the questions as serious, Trump slammed them as “gotcha questions” and said that the specific names of foreign terror leaders Hewitt was questioning him about would probably not even be around a year from now once he was talking over Washington. By Friday, Trump was calling Hewitt a “third rate talk show host.”

During the interview, Hewitt, who spent the better part of the last ten years heavily pushing the moderate, anti-conservative candidate Mitt Romney on the nation and has been one of the biggest boosters for the establishment GOP among the conservative talk show hosts, asked Trump some very serious foreign policy questions.

Hewitt asked if Trump knew what Iran’s Quds Force was, wanted to know if Trump knew the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah, and asked several other questions. But Trump refused to treat the questions as serious matters saying that all Hewitt was trying to do was attack him and ask gotcha questions.

By Friday, Trump was slamming Hewitt as “third rate.”

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Donald Trump is blasting Hugh Hewitt after stumbling over foreign policy questions in an interview with the conservative radio host.

“[He is] a third-rate radio announcer,” Trump told hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday morning.

Trump clashed with the radio host on Thursday evening’s “The Hugh Hewitt Show.” Hewitt began asking him what he called “commander-in-chief questions” about international affairs. The exchange became heated when Trump mistook a question about Iran’s Quds Force as a query about the Kurds.

On Friday, Trump said that the broadcaster’s show is beneath him despite his multiple appearances with Hewitt since launching his 2016 campaign in June. Trump said Hewitt was trying to embarrass him by asking about obscure topics.

“Every question was, ‘Do you know this one or know that one?’ ” Trump said.

“I do think the Kurds are not being utilized properly or being used properly,” he added.

Here is that interview:

Should we expect Trump to have a deeper knowledge about foreign affairs, or is his ability to “delegate” good enough?

By the way, Hewitt will be one of the moderators at the next GOP debate.

So, does any of this change your mind about Trump? Or do you think Hewitt was just being an establishment hack?

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