Facebook CEO Calls for People to ‘LIKE’ ISIS Off the Internet… Drown Them in Messages of Hope

Facebook CEO Calls for People to ‘LIKE’ ISIS Off the Internet… Drown Them in Messages of Hope

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Snort! Giggle… Oh, that’s rich. Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg is hysterically funny for an elite fascist. At Davos, she called for a ‘like attack’ on extremist groups like ISIS, to drive them off the Internet with messages of hope and tolerance. Oh yeah… that ought to work just peachy. That’s the stupidest idea I’ve heard in a long, long time. She wants to drown out their hate speech by smothering them with uplifting speech and love online. This is the woman who is working with Angela Merkel in Germany and banning anyone from Facebook that doesn’t agree with them by the way. It’s not just for terrorists and extremists… it’s also for those who don’t espouse the same political views as they do. In other words, she condones censorship.


From the Daily Mail:

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has called on users to bombard extremists such as ISIS with messages of hope and tolerance to drown out their hate speech.

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Ms Sandberg was speaking at a session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Facebook executive was addressing a seminar on ‘The Transformation of Tomorrow’.

‘I was just in Berlin where we announced the Online Civil Courage Initiative. It is a partnership between Facebook, the German government, academic researchers and NGOs. The idea is: “What can we do?” The best antidote to bad speech is good speech. The best antidote to hate is tolerance.’ So, let me get this straight… the best way to combat hate and your enemies is to tolerate their hate? That’s insane. Sandberg described the attempts of a German NGO to bombard the Facebook page of the neo-Nazi NPD with positive messages to subvert their hate speech. ‘They launched what they called “a like attack” on the Facebook page of the NPD. The NPD is the neo-Nazi party. That page is filled with intolerance, and rather than scream and protest, they got 100,000 people to like the page, who did not like the page, and then put messages of tolerance on the page.’ That sounds like a spin on a denial of service attack by, you know, terrorists. She says they want to get the ‘right voices’ out. Sandberg said allowing former members of groups such as ISIS who have abandoned extremism to speak is an important tool in countering on-line recruitment. She said: ‘The best thing to speak against recruitment by Isis are the voices of people who were recruited by Isis, understand what the true experience is, have escaped and come back to tell the truth. Amplifying those voices — counter-speech to the speech that is perpetrating hate — we think is by far the best answer.’ This woman is delusional. ISIS doesn’t care about tolerance. What are you going to do? Listen to them and give them a hug before they rape and behead you? Her ‘Transformation of Tomorrow’ sounds more like a nightmare to me.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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