Fox News Gets BAD NEWS Just One Month After Firing O’Reilly

Fox News Gets BAD NEWS Just One Month After Firing O’Reilly

Fox News is in turmoil right now. A sexual harassment scandal saw the network not only lose their chairman and CEO in Roger Ailes, but multiple anchors. Then, Megyn Kelly walked away from Fox News as well, arguably one of their biggest stars. And this year, their biggest remaining name — Bill O’Reilly — found himself at the middle of his own sexual harassment scandal and was fired. After all of this controversy and scandal, unfortunately for Fox News, things are not looking good.

For the first time in 17 years, Fox News has fallen in the ratings… to an astounding third place. In April, viewership decreased by 1.7 million less 1.5 million, for a difference of (200,000) viewers less in April than in the first quarter. In prime time for viewers the difference was (400,000).

In May, the numbers appeared to stabilize slightly, but prime time viewership still declined by another 100,000. In all, Fox News has lost half a million prime time viewers since March. And what was the biggest factor?

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The O’Reilly Factor was the most successful news show on cable television and it had been enjoying its highest-rated quarter ever, while also breaking all previous records for highest viewership for any program in a quarter. When Fox canned O’Reilly, they lost his very large, and very loyal, viewership base.

And it seems that things may only get worse for Fox. Sean Hannity has arguably become their biggest star now, with Kelly and O’Reilly gone. But his show has come under attack as well, with advertisers dropping like flies. The reason this time is because Hannity had been pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy theory, even after the Rich family publicly begged him to stop talking about it. Hannity did eventually acquiesce, but by then, it appeared the damage had been done. Some believe that Hannity might be the next to get the ax, which would likely not do any favors for Fox News’ ratings.

Do you think Fox can rebound from this?

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