FOX NEWS Just Released THIS Surprising Announcement About Mike Huckabee!

FOX NEWS Just Released THIS Surprising Announcement About Mike Huckabee!

Gee… Mike Huckabee is now going back to Fox News after his failed presidential bid. Well, why not? All is forgiven because he supports Trump. He’s never officially come out and endorsed Trump, but his words belie the fact that he is in the tank for him. He should be right at home at the unofficial Donald Trump Super PAC of Fox News. Huckabee will now become a regular contributor to Fox election coverage and will make appearances on all of the daytime and prime time programs. He’s always been petty and jealous concerning Ted Cruz. He strikes me as a Christian of convenience and exceedingly shallow.

Mike Huckabee

From the Conservative Tribune:

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be making a return to the Fox News Channel in the near future, having just been signed on as a political analyst and contributor, according to Deadline Hollywood.

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Huckabee had left the network in January 2015 to prepare for his presidential bid after hosting his own program for six years.

The former Baptist minister’s candidacy never gained the same sort of traction he found in the 2008 GOP primary though, and he was one of the first to throw in the towel after the Iowa caucuses.

If Trump does become the nominee and by some apocalyptic miracle becomes the president, I’m sure he’ll have a warm and cozy place for a slightly used Baptist minister and media talking head. But that won’t happen… if Trump does become the nominee, Hillary will be the next president. And true conservatives will never let those who promoted Trump forget it. Even if Trump were elected, he is Hillary in Republican drag and he would be a catastrophe in motion. Mike Huckabee left his self respect, dignity and credibility behind long ago. He was made for Fox News and their Trump fest.



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