Freedom Works Event Proves Tea-Party Alive and Well

Like a tree falling in the forest, if the Tea Party gathered together for a massive event would the main stream media hear it?:  They may not report on it, but they definitely heard it.

Over 14,000 Tea Party supporters rallied together in the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX this week to attend the Freedom Works event FreePAC. : Hosted by Freedom Works President and CEO, Matt Kibbe, the stellar line-up of conservative talent included Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Stephen Kruiser, C.L. Bryant and more.

Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul and Mike Lee were featured speakers as well as Senate hopefuls and Tea Party favorites, Ted Cruz and Richard Mourdock.

The missing main stream media vans, typically parked curb side at major political events,: didn’t: deter the message and importance of encouraging the grassroots movement to help retain the House, take the Senate, and “sweep the White House clean” as stated by the Reverend C.L. Bryant who kept the crowd jumping to their feet in applause during his rousing speech.

The Freedom Works event came as a precursor to the Restoring Love events presented by Glenn Beck’s Mercury One organization that has coordinated over 30,000 volunteers over the weekend to participate in a massive community service project and leading up to the final event Saturday evening at Cowboys stadium with tens of thousands in attendance.

With such a monumental undertaking of coordinated events, and the exorbitant number of attendees, you question the absence of major media?:  Dana Loesch answered the question perfectly from center stage explaining “the media should be our watchdog” but instead they have become President Obama’s “lap dog.”

The Conservative talk-show host and editor-in-chief of Breitbart’s Big Journalism, Mrs. Loesch, issued heavy criticism of the liberal media for mistakenly claiming the Tea-Party has been at the root of recent crimes. Including the Aurora Massacre when Bob Ross of ABC News erroneously claimed the shooter was affiliated with the Tea-Party.

She presented multiple examples of the victimization caused by the media mistakenly tying the wrong people to crimes who subsequently suffer backlash from the misrepresentation.

“It’s all blamed on us.:  All of this stuff is blamed on us,” Mrs. Loesch said.:  “I’m not a bigot. I’m not a racist. I am a mother. I am a patriot.”

She pointed out the absence of the main stream media and claimed, “We don’t need you. Because we took over talk radio and we took over cable news”

The overall message of “restoring freedom” by the organizers was heavily focused on not just encouraging the masses, but teaching them how to become pro-active in the conservative movement and how they can best make a difference in the November elections, now just 100 days away.

Freedom Works’ own Dean Clancy discussed ObamaCare, calling for a full repeal. : “No one has a right to demand health-care from his neighbor,” Clancy stressed.:  He ensured, “Only Freedom can make sure that more and more people have health insurance.”

Ted Cruz, the Texas Tea Party favorite embroiled in a fierce battle against David Dewhurst in the state’s Senate runoff election this coming Tuesday, played upon Obama’s famous “yes we can” mantra.

“Can we restore the U.S. constitution?” Cruz asked, encouraging the crowd’s response of “yes we can!”:  He continued with several other “yes we can” rally cries before finishing that yes we can remove President Obama from the White House.:  And with the end of his speech he energized the crowd even more by reinforcing that replacing Obama was the “true hope and change we can believe in.”


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