Fumes from a Massive Pile of Burning Drugs Definitely Makes One BBC Reporter’s Job a Little More Interesting [Video]

Sommerville definitely inhaled. He’s absolutely stoned here and it is funny. Come on… I dare you not to at least crack a grin. He’s reporting from the heart of darkness four years ago in Afghanistan on the disposal of drugs such as heroin, hashish,, opium and others, marketed by terrorists. Perhaps someone should have warned him about standing too close to the fire or being downwind of it. It was posted on YouTube as a blooper and of course, the BBC, having no apparent sense of humor we are aware of, had it removed. Why? At least it was a happy video and only the dumbest in the world would use it to promote drugs. I think it is hysterical.

From IJReview:

BBC reporter Quentin Sommerville is the network’s Middle East correspondent. It’s an assignment that doesn’t provide many opportunities for levity.

That all changed when he was assigned to cover a story on drug eradication efforts. While standing in front of what he describes as “eight and a half tons of opium, heroin, hashish and other narcotics,” he (apparently) gets high from the fumes, lets out a giggle, and is unable to finish his report.

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He tries a few times, but he and the cameraman collapse into fits of laughter each time.

Sommerville posted the video to his YouTube channel and via Twitter, writing, “Dear tweeps, it’s been a year of bullets & bloodshed. You’ve earned a xmas laugh, at my expense.”

The Telegraph reported that the footage was later deleted due to copyright issues. A spokesman for the BBC told the Telegraph:

The video of Quentin corpsing, which has now been deleted, was posted in the spirit of a blooper.

It was filmed four years ago — it hasn’t been seen before and was never broadcast.

It may seem obvious, but if you’re on the job and don’t want to get high — Don’t stand too close to burning drugs and inhale.

A few seconds into the report, Sommerville completely loses it. Giggles ensue. The camera guy is just as stoned. In a world gone mad with violence and sorrow, this video is contagiously humorous. I’ll give it the guy… he tried to do the report. But when you are high, everything seems funny. He was right, it has been years of bullets & bloodshed. You’ve earned a laugh, this is it. And it’s a hoot. This is a news fail, but hey… the US now has several presidents who indulged in illicit substances. Clinton still claims he didn’t inhale – must be a Progressive joke.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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