Gay CBS Reporter Gives First Reading from Old Testament at Papal Mass [Video]

Gay CBS Reporter Gives First Reading from Old Testament at Papal Mass [Video]

Wow. Church doctrine is right out the window. In fact, Pope Francis is rewriting church doctrine. If this is what is meant by ‘modernizing the church,’ I think I’ll pass. The LGBT crowd is in heaven today because the Pope had an openly gay CBS journalist serve as a reader at his Papal Mass. Irony alert… he read out of the book of Isaiah out of the Old Testament. I kid you not. Mo Rocca used to be part of Jon Stewart’s crew. I’m detecting a pattern here. I’m at a loss of words over this one. This is so offensive, I can’t fathom it. This is a betrayal of Christ’s teachings and I find myself simply getting angry over it. As one priest Tweeted, “Should someone who openly mocks Church teaching serve as lector for a Papal Mass?”

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From Breitbart:

LGBT advocates are going wild because a famous homosexual served as a reader at the Papal Mass in Madison Square Garden on Friday night.

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Mo Rocca, best known as part of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show crew and now a reporter for CBS News, gave the first reading at the Mass celebrated by the Pope that was attended by 18,000 and watched by millions more on television.

Rocca read from the Old Testament book of Isaiah.

The fact that Rocca — as far as is known, an unrepentant opponent of Catholic teaching on human sexuality, was able to speak has raised both hosannas and skepticism from the sexual left and alarms from faithful Catholics.

Church Militant, headed by Catholic controversialist Michael Voris, ran a picture of a bare-chested Rocca being fondled by two bare-chested gay guys at some sort of party.

Church Militant reported, “When Rocca appeared on live news feeds last night as the lector for the Papal Mass, Twitter blew up with scandalous praise as everyone saw this as the Church’s — and specifically Pope Francis’s — acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage.” Church Militant demanded to know who gave sought Rocca out as a reader.

Father Peter West, active in life and family causes, Tweeted, “Should someone who openly mocks Chruch teaching serve as lector for a Papal Mass?”

The conservative website Rorate Ceili Tweeted, “Dear Catholic media: you call yourselves reporters, have you reported on a homosexual reading at Papal Mass? Wake up.”

The gay pressure group New Ways Ministries was not impressed, “LBGT men and women find themselves unwelcome in many U.S. parishes…”

Pink News pointed out that the Pope “…delivered a dire warning about the future of marriage while referencing his upcoming visit to the anti-LGBT World Meeting of Families.” Pink News also charged that the Pope “is yet to life any of the actively homophobic and transphobic policies of his predecessors.”

However, homosexual comic Paula Poundstone Tweeted, “I’m not making this up, Mo Rocca is opening for the Pope. OMG!”

Homosexual activist and law professor Tony Varona Tweeted, “Having openly gay @MoRocca do first reading at MSG seems to confirm it was big.”

The presence of an out homosexual will certainly fuel the debate heading into the Synod of Bishops set to begin on October 5 that will deal with the question and the controversy of homosexuality.

Mo Rocca, an American comedian, actor and journalist, well known for his role on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and now a commentator for CBS, admitted his homosexuality during a podcast interview in 2011. Some would argue that the Pope did not know who Rocca was. But Cardinal Timothy Dolan surely knew. Fr. Matthew Ernest, listed in the official program as the archdiocesan Director of Liturgy, must have been very aware as well who they had speaking. Catholics want to know why, out of all the Catholics in New York City, a famous, open homosexual was chosen? Church Militant put it best: “Whatever the truth of the matter may be, Rocca was not picked because he’s a Spanish-speaking Catholic born of Colombian and Italian descent. He was chosen because of his open homosexuality and his support of gay “marriage” by revolutionaries within the archdiocese trying to push change to Church teaching. And Cdl. Dolan, as head of the archdiocese, is responsible for giving final approval.” This is definitely not the Catholic Church that we all knew and revered. Not anymore.

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