George Soros Buys a Scalp

What a coincidence: just before Juan Williams was axed by NPR for appearing on Fox News, George Soros, the sinister Nazi collaborator who recently poured another $1 million into the anti-Fox smear machine Media Matters, also gave NPR $1.8 million through his nefarious Open Society Foundations. Apparently that was more than enough to buy Williams’s head on a platter.

If you thought NPR was insufferably moonbatty before, wait until the ultra-radical Soros’s money trickles through. It’s earmarked to buy 100 new reporters to engage in “enterprise journalism” — i.e., agenda journalism — meaning that there will be an even heavier emphasis on propagandizing rather than reporting news.

At least now that George Soros is bankrolling NPR we the overburdened taxpayers won’t have to, right? Wrong — although to his immense credit, countermoonbat Senator Jim DeMint is trying to change that.

Mara Liasson, another NPR lib who moonlights at Fox News, would be well advised to polish her resume.

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Williams wasn’t just fired, but thrown out with the trash. NPR’s repugnant CEO Vivian Schiller even accused him of having psychiatric problems because like most Americans since 9/11 he finds Muslims making a show of their religion on airplanes unnerving. The treatment he was subjected to came after 10 years of loyal service. If the sort of people running NPR treat one of their own like this over minor ideological transgressions, imagine what they will do to you if they manage to consolidate control over the government.

On tips from the MaryHunter, nat, TrickleUpPolitics, and G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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