Glenn Beck: Faith in God Got Me Through My Mysterious Illness [Video]

I have been a big fan of Glenn Beck since 9/11, when he started covering the enemies within and without concerning our government. I was totally on board with his revealing segments and his presentations and promotion were key to our research. He has had my friend and compatriot, Trevor Loudon on countless times. Then last August, things changed. Beck took a decidedly religious turn in his show. Don’t get me wrong… I’m a Christian. But that is not why I watched Glenn Beck. I parted ways with him when he stood against the Bundy Ranch incident, where I had friends and family on the ground. When his politics started differing from mine, I truly turned him off and wondered if someone had gotten to him. Now we have more clarification on his pivot point.

From Fox News Insider:

TV show host Glenn Beck has revealed what he describes as a severe and painful illness that he has been battling for years.

In an interview on The Blaze, Beck detailed the mysterious illness that baffled one of the best doctors in the world.

He said he was once told that his brain function was in the bottom 10th percentile. He tried diets, medication and even moving to a warmer climate, but said his symptoms worsened.

He discussed the role his wife has played in taking care of him through it all.

“Many days she would tie my shoes or button my shirts, these simple things that you take for granted,” he said through tears.

“My doctors told me that it was my faith in God that was powering me through all of this, that I shouldn’t be standing,” he said.

Beck explained that he was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and adrenal fatigue, among other things. After months of hormone treatment and special therapy, Beck said he is now healthy.

It was brave of Beck to tell his story and I admire his courage and his new start. He must have been terrified during his ordeal. Unfortunately, I will not be there with him as my path has gone a different direction. I watched and followed Beck for the fight against the enemy and for cutting edge news. I worship privately and not thru media and radio. May Glenn Beck find his answers and have peace. I am thrilled his physical problems are being solved and that he has found his path in life. I am no longer sure that the news is his calling, but his faith in God will lead him where he needs to go.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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