“Go Back To Univision!” Trump Dumps Jorge Ramos Amid Immigration Harangue

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, perhaps the most prominent Mexican-American in the media, has made a name for himself by engaging in what can most accurately be described as leftist activism disguised as objective journalism – barking at political and media figures who disagree with him about the concrete necessity of wide-open borders. The recent disclosure that Ramos’ daughter works in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is more evidence that he’s anything but objective.

Ramos met his match yesterday in Iowa, when he attempted to practice his brand of reportage at a Donald Trump presser…

Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was escorted from a news conference Tuesday afternoon after he started asking presidential candidate Donald Trump questions without being called on.

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“Excuse me! Sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump told Ramos. “Sit down! Sit down.”

“You haven’t been called,” the real estate tycoon added to Ramos who insisted he had a right to ask a question. “Go back to Univision.”

Trump said that he didn’t object to Ramos asking questions, but noted that he had not been called on and contended it was not polite for him to shout questions at him and interrupt the news conference.

Trump later invited Ramos back into the conference, sparring with him on immigration for several minutes.

The video, first of Ramos’ initial harangue and his being given the bum’s rush…

And then the exchange after Ramos was let back in…

Trump is being called every name in the book as a result of the exchange, and there are even those whining about whether the other reporters in the room should have walked out of the press conference when he was thrown out. But the fact is, it has never been acceptable for a journalist to lecture the holder of a press conference. That’s known as heckling, not reportage. Ramos got precisely what he deserved, and it’s a safe prediction that Trump’s response will increase his standing with the public rather than decreasing it.

People hate reporters, and a large reason they feel that way is the obnoxious behavior of agitators wearing lanyards like Ramos. If Trump’s reaction produces a disincentive for future unprofessional behavior like that on display yesterday, then he’s done a service to the political process.

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