God Are People Stupid: Ted Nugent Nails Idiots Attacking Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion

Managed hysteria. Whip up mobs to get them angry over a given topic. This is an actual “Two Minutes of Hate.” It’s like they are using Orwell and Bradbury as freaking how-to books. Once again, Ted Nugent tells it like it is and doesn’t hold anything back. This is why I love the guy. All of this reminds me of the blow up over the Confederate flag – it’s targeted, fabricated and is part of a blatant Marxist political agenda. This is about doing away with hunting and imposing further gun control. The Progressives are making this poor hunter their sacrificial lamb in all of this. Nothing is ever what it seems these days.

Rock artist Ted Nugent performs at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino during his Uncle Ted Remember the Alamo tour, July 30, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Rock artist Ted Nugent performs at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino during his Uncle Ted Remember the Alamo tour, July 30, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

From TheBlaze:

Ted Nugent turned to his Facebook page this week to share his passionate thoughts on the lion killed by an American dentist, lashing out at “stupid” individuals who have strongly criticized the hunter.

The outspoken rocker and gun-rights advocate said “the whole story is a lie.”

“It was a wild lion from a ‘park’ where hunting is legal and ESSENTIAL beyond the park borders. all animals reproduce every year & would run out of room/food to live w/o hunting. I will write a full piece on this joke asap. God are people stupid,” he wrote.

Local authorities believe the lion, famously known in Africa as Cecil, was lured from a protected area in July. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who authorities allege paid $50,000 to kill the large cat, said in a statement that he did not know Cecil was protected.

Zimbabwean officials allege the kill was illegal because one of the two men Palmer hired to help with the kill didn’t have a permit. The men have been arrested, but authorities continue to search for Palmer, whose current whereabouts are unknown.

Nugent, however, argued that Palmer did nothing wrong. After calling Jimmy Kimmel a “lying punk” for delivering a passionate monologue on Cecil, Nugent was asked to point out any inaccuracies in Kimmel’s commentary.

“Not a crossbow, not helpless animal, not illegal or unethical to lure/bait from park as all cat hunters do (26% success rate), had license and permits, hired professional gvt guides,” he wrote. “Jimmy believes in killing animals for his use.”

Responding to another commenter, Nugent said the idea the hunt was a “trophy” kill was “a lie.”

“I have met & hungout with literally 1000s & 1000s of hunters.,never seen any1 discard the precious protein. its all a lie,” he insisted.

When one person called Nugent a “coward and stupid,” saying she’d like to see him hunt a lion with his “bare hands,” the rocker simply replied, “u 1st.”

The dentist paid $50,000 for that hunt. It was legal and I’ll bet he planned on consuming the lion meat. That’s what humans do… we are omnivores and we were built to eat protein. That cuddly lion everyone is crying over would kill a man and eat him given the chance. Nugent is right as well that hunting culls the herd and allows these animals to have food and survive in their habitat. The dentist’s money went into the local economy and also benefited the people living there. For conducting a legal, righteous hunt, the dentist has now been forced into hiding and local police where he lives say they won’t protect him. Way to go Minnesota! Mia Farrow released the man’s business address on Twitter – she should be arrested for that. The Africans don’t even know the lion these people are blathering about – it’s all one big lie. And now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the agency is investigating the killing of Cecil the Lion, saying it will “go where facts lead.” What the hell business is it of theirs? The Feds have no business in all of this. God help that hunter… this is just wrong.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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