Hacked! WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Chief John Brennan’s Emails – Day Two

Hacked! WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Chief John Brennan’s Emails – Day Two

They will indeed surely fail. WikiLeaks hacked John Brennan’s personal email last week. They released the first set of emails yesterday which contained information on Afghanistan, torture and US policy towards Iran. Today, another batch was released. These had to do with findings and recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan. These people have no comprehensive strategy whatsoever. It’s embarrassing. Our enemies of course already knew this. The very last to know are the American people. I’m no fan of WikiLeaks, but this exposes a core defect with the CIA and our operatons under Barack Obama. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing on the ground and we are not acting like a cohesive unit anymore, much less like a superpower.

John Brennan

From RT:

The whistleblower organization WikiLeaks has published a second set of documents obtained from CIA Director John Brennan’s personal email account.

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The first set of documents published on Wednesday contained reports on Afghanistan and torture, and ideas for US policy towards Iran.

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The new release contains Brennan’s address book and a full version of ‘Executive summary of key findings and recommendations on Afghanistan and Pakistan’, some pages of which were published on Wednesday by Anonymous.

The November 2008 report compiled by a team of Senate analysts is accompanied by a memo from Louis Tucker, the minority staff director for Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Christopher “Kit” Bond (R-Missouri).

“Everyone we spoke with on the ground in Afghanistan and Pakistan confessed that they know of no overall USG strategy for the region,” Tucker wrote. “Rather, we observed quality individuals serving judiciously in their own lanes ungoverned by a coordinated, comprehensive strategy.”

The US government would have to develop a “comprehensive regional strategy designed to meet a set of clearly defined goals,” Tucker’s memo concluded.

The 13-page executive summary details the Senate team’s findings on the topics of security, reconstruction, nation-building and narcotics cultivation in Afghanistan.

Disparate priorities of various US, UN, NATO and coalition structures in the region have sometimes resulted in “counter-productive actions and programs that have not always been tailored to local conditions,” US officials told the analysts.

The mission to eliminate terrorists from Afghanistan ended up being broader than originally anticipated, and the US has failed to adjust, the Senate team wrote. “If we continue on this path, we will surely fail.”

This is FUBARed. Our assets on the ground have no leadership, no direction, no goals and no sense of what they are supposed to be carrying out mission-wise. There is no way this can succeed in eliminating terrorists or any of our enemies for that matter. What the hell has Brennan been doing all this time? Except of course, converting to Islam. That’s the word on the street anyway. It seems to me he’s been told to deliberately not do anything. And why would that be? Well, if you want the US to fail, that’s exactly what you would do. All Brennan’s actions will do is get our agents killed and/or compromised. That’s the real meat of Brennan’s emails. Smells like treason to me.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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