Hannity Drops a BOMB on Obama… Proposes an Epic Sendoff for President After Term Ends [VIDEO]

Hannity Drops a BOMB on Obama… Proposes an Epic Sendoff for President After Term Ends [VIDEO]

Obama’s presidency is almost over and Americans across the country are counting down the days. But what will his legacy be? And what should happen after he’s gone? Sean Hannity has a few interesting ideas.


A satire site “reported” that Obama would move to Canada if Donald Trump was elected president. Hannity decided to run with that, although it’s not clear if he was fooled by the satire. But during his radio show, Hannity said he would take Obama up on his “offer.”

“I have an offer for the president. I will charter a plane for you and your family. I will make sure it’s as big a plane as Air Force One, what you have grown accustomed to, in other words. Taxpayer-funded plane,” he said. “I will charter Donald Trump’s plane if he’ll let me, and I will charter it to the country of your choice. You want to go to Canada? I’ll pay for you to go to Canada. You want to go to Kenya? I’ll pay for you to go to Kenya. Jakarta, where you went to school back in the day, you can go back there. Anywhere you want to go.”

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There was just one catch, though.

Hannity promised the finest luxury for Obama and his family, with one condition. “I’ll put the finest food, caviar, champagne, you name it,” he said. “I have one stipulation: You can’t come back. That’s fair.”

The idea may be funny, but exiling a former president because his politics don’t align with the new president’s is disturbing, to say the least. That’s not how this country works. And Hannity’s offer to Obama has already ginned up a lot of outrage, including accusations of racism. While the racism bit may be far-fetched, falling for a satirical article by offering to exile a former president should make people feel slightly uncomfortable, at the very least.

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