Hannity Unleashes – DESTROYS Megyn Kelly (VIDEO)

Hannity Unleashes – DESTROYS Megyn Kelly (VIDEO)

When Fox News superstar Megyn Kelly left Fox News for NBC, it caused a huge rift between Kelly and her former co-workers. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that Fox News anchor Sean Hannity isn’t siding with Kelly in the scandal surrounding her interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

Kelly’s decision to interview Jones was immediately met with widespread criticism and disdain, with many people arguing that Jones — a conspiracy theorist who has attacked, for example, the parents of Sandy Hook victims — should not be given a platform that could potentially give him legitimacy, such as on a mainstream media outlet like NBC. Still, Kelly’s interview with Jones took place and was set to air Sunday night.

In advance of the interview, Jones began criticizing Kelly, possibly because of the negative attention the interview was getting. He claimed that Kelly had orchestrated the entire controversy, accusing her and NBC of intentionally trying to misrepresent him so that he would come across badly on air. As “proof,” he leaked audio tapes that he says proves him right:

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The general consensus was that the “leaked” audio was a dud — nothing Kelly said came across as out of the ordinary, duplicitous, or manipulative. Yet it fed fuel to the fire for Jones’ supporters and strangely… for Sean Hannity as well.

After the interview aired on Sunday night, Hannity sent out a tweet urging NBC to release the tapes — to air the full, unedited interview.

It seems odd that Hannity, someone who has a position as an anchor with a legitimate news organization, would want to ally himself with someone like Alex Jones — a widely criticized talk show host who is known to be a 9/11 Truther and who attacks the parents of murdered children. There may be bad blood between Hannity and Kelly, but this seems to be taking the feud too far.

The reality here is that Megyn Kelly doesn’t need to manipulate any footage to make Alex Jones look bad. He does that all on his own.

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