HuffPo Responds to NPR Taking It in the Neck

The great countermoonbat James O’Keefe has claimed more scalps. In the aftermath of his video revealing the partisan extremism, slavish Islamophilia, and elitist loathing for normal Americans prevalent at taxpayer-funded NPR, high-level exec Ron Schiller now finds himself jobless and even Chief Witch Vivian Schiller — best known for the sneering contempt with which she treated Juan Williams when he was fired over a trifling thought crime — has been forced to resign.

You know the news is good when the moonbats at Huffington Post bare their wicked little fangs and flap their leathery wings in agitation. Here are some samples of their initial response:

Speaking the truth has set her free.

That is, Vivian Schiller is free to join the little people she despises in the unemployment line created by the Big Government she worships.

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Elmo did not bring you this crisis. You can drag him through the streets all you want, but the military industrial complex is still to blame.

These are strange new weapons the Pentagon has that compel NPR execs to be jackasses.

Well, the GOP and their wealthy benefactors are going after anything that tells the truth, or that benefits the poor and the middle class.

You’re safe, Dungelm. No one who implies that NPR’s brand over hypertaxed statism is good for the middle class can be accused of telling the truth.

Hypocrites on the Right. You all came out to defend Juan Williams’ comments about Muslims, comments he made on air, while you are outraged at Ron Schiller’s comments about tea partiers made in private.

Hypocrites on the Left. It’s verboten to admit that anyone who isn’t unreachably insane finds people making a pageant of their Islamic delusions on airplanes unnerving. But you consider heaping bigoted scorn on normal Americans to be enlightened.

Why can people Fox say any made up lie to get viewers and they get bonuses? And when one guy at NPR tells the truth, he gets fired, and the CEO gets fired. Crazy.

Ron Schiller is no rogue moonbat. His appalling bigotry is regarded as “the truth” by NPR’s fan base.

Dan Kushner
how horrible is it that we have a society in which this O’Keefe guy can terrorize these organizations? The employees of any organization cannot be frank any longer because the which hunt is on, and there are cameras lurking.

But I thought all liberals cared about was people knowing the truth.

First – All radio is public radio — the FAA owns and services the airwaves — all radio broadcasts are supposed to be for the benefit of the people. Second – Commercial radio is biased radio. Third – Commercial radio caters to the advertisers not the listeners. Fourth – Classical music is just not going to have the commercial success as music like hardcore rap. But there is an artistic and educational purpose to classical music. Fifth. – Just keeping it real – people of low intelligence will never get why NPR and PBS are important and need public funding.

First – Ominously invoking “the people” makes lefties sound like the cheap Marxists thugs they are. Second – Commercial radio has every right to be biased; the whole issue is that NPR, which is as biased as anyone, does not because we’re all forced to pay for it. Third – If you have no listeners, you have no advertisers; this is why NPR needs coercive funding. Fourth – I listen to classical music all day, for free, without sitting through the mealy-mouthed leftist propaganda on NPR, as anyone with an Internet connection can do. Fifth – The argument that anyone who doesn’t agree with elitist moonbats is a dummy is wearing thin, which does not bode well for NPR’s continued funding.

NPR and PBS are all we’ve got in this country for true news. I really hope they don’t cut the funding. Those Republicans love an ignorant populace to govern.

News is only “true” if the government controls it and forces people who disagree with it to fund it.

Imagine having to live in a country where republican thugs force you to live like an animal, and they empowered by a mob of unruly, stupid, and extremely violent hillbillies who are working even against their own best interest, all for the glory of a few pampered filthy-rich elite. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine it. It’s already real!!

Ron Schiller’s depiction of normal Americans sure has caught on with NPR’s listenership.

bridge to somewhere
This is the New ‘Con tactic: 1) Target a benign group not far-right biased. 2) Destroy by any means necessary. 3) Repeat. Acorn? Totally innocent. Targeted. One person says something on tape? Gone. NPR? Totally neutral. Targeted. One person says something on tape? Funding Revoked. Planned Parenthood? Highly effective, prevent far more ab0rtions than they actually assist with, prevent STD spread, provide health services women can’t get elsewhere. Targeted. Funding revoked.

Anyone who can believe that Obama’s corrupt voter fraud outfit ACORN is innocent, NPR is neutral, and the abortion mill Planned Parenthood actual prevents abortions should have no problem believing that the sneering moonbats at NPR have a right to your money.

The loony-tune Right Wingers have everybody running and hiding … AND they are a dangerous bunch. Don’t think otherwise.

Right enough, JPBLABBER. One day the ultimate horror will be imposed by conservatives — the government-issued pacifier will be unplugged from your mouth and you’ll be left to take responsibility for yourself.

And as a result, NPR’s news covewrage will move even further to the right.

At this rate, it won’t be long before its “covewrage” is to the right of Chairman Mao.

America … a joke

If by America the moonbat means not just the country and its people but the ideal of individual liberty on which it’s based, this sums up the NPR/HuffPo view succinctly.

Baggers want us to live in the new Dark Ages.

The Dark Ages were back when people relied on windmills for power.

Fired for telling the truth, of course the Teabaggers “formally the Republicans” just hate the truth it is so inconvenient for them. They are so increduious to the truth

Don’t forget to add that we’re illiterate.

jerry bear
this has to stop … these are genuine news outlets taken down by brainless teabaggers!

Brainless — yet clever enough to bring down prominent members of the leftist media elite.

npr open market = 24 hours take over of rupert murdoch … big bird and barney would have tea party protest signs on their programs and teach children to hate … yes indeed that is what we will have if we allow it to be taken over!

The only thing that’s holding back freedom is government coercion. If that goes, the peasants will rise up and take control of Big Bird!

On and on they rave, confirming that NPR’s narrow-minded ideological extremism and laughably unjustified air of superiority are shared by its listeners. The fall of Vivian Schiller must be quite a blow to them, coming right after losing Keith Olbermann. Out of consideration for their feelings, I’ll try to laugh quietly:


First NPR will be defunded. Next it will lose its tax exempt status. Then, forced to compete fairly with stations normal people want to listen to, it will turn up its toes and croak like Air America. I’ll keep laughing all the while.

Agitation at the Huffington Post.

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