In Ft. Hood Shootings, Grey Lady Tries On The “It’s The Army’s Fault” Theory

It’s just a trial balloon, appearing on page A17 of today’s fish wrap, but, the Times does go to great lengths to blame the Army. They also do a great job in saying Muslims are cute and fuzzy, so, the War on Terrorism, sorry, Operation Domestic Contingency, must be our fault: Muslims at Fort Voice Outrage and Ask Questions

Leaders of the vibrant Muslim community here expressed outrage on Friday at the shooting rampage being laid to one of their members, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who had become a regular attendee of prayers at the local mosque.

But some of the men who had befriended Major Hasan at the mosque said the military should examine the policies that might have caused him to snap.

“When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad.

“Ultimately it was Brother Nidal’s doing, but the command should be held accountable,” Mr. Benjamin said. “G.I.’s are like any equipment in the Army. When it breaks, those who were in charge of keeping it fit should be held responsible for it.”

Our Book doesn’t say to kill the Infidel if he will not convert. Our Book doesn’t turn women into objects that should never appear in photo’s with men. Our Book doesn’t tell us to yell “Allahu Akbar” when killing the infidel. Nidal believed America was the bad guy, and the aggressor. He considered himself a Palestinian first. He lectured on how great decapitation of infidels was.

It could turn out that this was more a case of going postal than a Muslim attack on the infidel. We might never know, particularly if Nidal does not survive. That said, perhaps the Muslim community, which is probably mostly just good people, devout, caring, and proud, should stand up and put an end to what certain members of their religion are doing in the name of their religion. Until such time, their religion will be blamed, and, quite frankly, they are just perpetuating the idea that they were forced to do it by blaming others, such as the Army.

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