It’s an issue when Republican Presidents are Silent about natural disasters, but not one when a Democrat is silent about “man-caused disasters.” and popular uprisings* against anti-American tyrants

Five years ago, there was much bellyaching in the media about how the callousness of the President of the United States for not making a public statement about the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands, displaced an equal number (if not more) and causes untold damage to property and the landscape, even changing the coastline in some regions. When then-president Bush did not speak out, it was deemed a sign of his indifference, evidence that the recently reelected president was out of touch.

Now, it’s conservatives gnashing their teeth about the silence of a different president in the wake of an attempted terrorist attack on a U.S. Jetliner and an uprising against a government which has made thumbing its nose at his overtures its favorite past time.

Wonder if those on the left and in the media who faulted George W. Bush for his “callous” reaction to the tsunami five years ago will level similar criticisms against his similarly silent successor.

*and brutal suppressions thereof.

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