I’ve Had Enough of the “Tea Bagger” Slur, Haven’t You?

Mark Knoller, the award-winning White House correspondent for CBS News, was in Washington today covering the President’s attempt to rally Democrats to pass his government-run health care plan. In the course of describing the scene, Knoller shucked off his role as objective reporter so he could drop a casual slur on a significant chunk of America.

Yep, to the objective Mark Knoller, if you oppose Obamacare, you also enjoy dipping your genitals into someone else’s mouth for sexual gratification or as a joke (link NSFW and NSF Lunch either).

I’m going to give Knoller credit for not being a completely idiot here. This derogatory term for the Tea Party movement has been around, and has been clearly identified as a slur, for almost a year. If he doesn’t know what it means, he’s been grossly negligent in his job and shouldn’t be the White House correspondent, since the controversy about the insult has been almost as large a political headline as the movement itself. I choose to believe he’s not that uninformed and that he’s a competent reporter.

Which leads me to ask why he felt secure in casually leveling the insult.

Actually, I don’t really care why. What I do care about is that Knoller did it and owes us a public apology. Otherwise, I’ll feel at complete liberty to tack a couple nicknames on him, like, say “Dirty Sanchez Knoller” or “lead White House Rusty Trombonist for CBS News”. I am sick and tired of MSM figures operating under the belief they can slur good men and women with a nasty sexual insult without getting any sort of comeuppance. I don’t have a huge microphone, but I can sure as heck yell as loudly as I can about it and hope that others who do have big bullhorns pick it up, too.

Here’s his Twitter feed. Fill it up, folks. Normally, I’d say you should be civil but, really, that’s up to you. He didn’t feel the need to be civil to your family or friends. I’m not quite sure why I should counsel you to be any different. Oh, okay. Here’s my disclaimer. Don’t threaten violence or drop a lot of F-bombs. Seriously.

On the other hand, whatever you do, please don’t make use of this list (very, very NSFW) to find some creative new nicknames. That would be just horrible.

(Cross-posted at The Sundries Shack)

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