Jedediah Bila Blows Up Key Part of Trump Convo with Russians – Watch How ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Respond

Jedediah Bila Blows Up Key Part of Trump Convo with Russians – Watch How ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Respond

Sanity from The View? Has Hell frozen over? Let me check. Not yet. The usual hosebeasts got most of it wrong… especially hooved harpy Joy Behar, who quoted that lie about Kellyanne Conway and misquoted Ann Coulter out of context. Same ole, same ole. But the saving grace here is Jedediah Bila… again. For once, they had an interesting and semi-honest conversation and it had to do with President Trump’s meeting with the Russians.

I have been absolutely baffled about this whole thing since the beginning. It started for me with the unconscionable way that Trump fired Comey. I don’t care for Comey and he should have been fired long ago, but there’s no excuse for that. Then, Trump held a meeting with the Russians the next day. Very bad optics. Even worse… Trump banned our press, but the Russian press were privy to the meeting. Then the leak came out that Trump had divulged classified information to the Russians concerning airplane terrorism and ISIS. It is said he revealed one of the countries we are getting intel from. Rumor has it that it was Israel, but it could have just as easily been Jordan. The President has the right to do that, but it blows our agents in that country/city/province and tells the Russians far more than they should know about our business. Not smart.

From the Independent Journal Review:

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“The View” ladies got into a fascinating conversation Tuesday about the president’s right to declassify information. It ended, albeit begrudgingly, with all in agreement that Trump can share information with “allies” in regards to counter-terrorism, even if it’s Russia.

Whoopi Goldberg set the table for conversation well:

“What is the real issue here?”

Then Sara Haines spoke up:

“That Russia doesn’t have to work so hard to discover anything, we’ll just tell ’em. They used to have to hack us.”

This drew a round of applause.

Joy Behar was next in line to bash the president:

“I don’t think that the people who created our government expected to have a BLABBERMOUTH in The White House. It’s like Ralph Kramden, you know, ‘you’re a BLABBERMOUTH’. So they expected the president to have the wherewithal to not say something like that to the so-called enemy — certainly, rivals.”

Then Jedediah Bila coolly dissected the issue:

“His justification for this is that we are partners with Russia on the issue of combating ISIS […] on this particular issue of combating terrorism. The reason Russia’s complicated is because, as we know, Russia is fueling Assad […] So my question was not whether or not he has the right to share this classified information, he’s president, and what you said before is correct, he has the right to declassify [this information] and at-will share it. My concern is: ‘Do you trust Russia with that information?’

Bila correctly states that Trump feels that the Russians are our partners against ISIS. But how can you trust them? They are our enemies and they are expert liars and manipulators. And I have contended that for years now they have used ISIS as a proxy for their dealings in the Middle East. That’s why they’ve never really gone after them. I also heard that our allies are ticked and at least one of them has stated that if Trump did divulge info on intel, they would never share intel with him again. What a mess.

You cannot trust Russia. Trump is being investigated for ties to them already. Firing Comey and then meeting with them the day after makes him look complicit whether he is or isn’t. What was he thinking? However, I will say this… whatever did happen in that meeting is NOT an impeachable offense. Not even close. Nor is it obstruction of justice. Trump was within his powers to do whatever he did during that meeting. I just question the wisdom of it just as Bila does.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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