Journalist Deems MSNBC ‘Unwatchable’ and ‘an Embarrassment’; Nothing But ’24 Hours-A-Day Of Mess’ [Video]

Seriously, does anyone watch MSNBC? I mean, really? They went so Leftist and Marxist that even watching them for a few seconds is torture. The lies and propaganda are so blatant, it’s almost comical. If they are trying to be the Fox from the Left, they are doing it way, way wrong. It’s a hot mess that makes your ears and eyes bleed. Not even Progressives can stand the banality and stupidity of MSNBC. It’s a bloodbath over there now with ratings plummeting through the floor, lay offs, canceled shows and lying, liars like Brian Williams being outed. It’s just one more symptom of a corrupt, state-controlled media outlet. They should just move to Venezuela and be done with it.

From Western Journalism:

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik joined Howard Kurtz on Fox News this past Sunday and mocked MSNBC for its low ratings, labeling it “unwatchable” and “an embarrassment.”

“You know, everybody says, ‘What’s Andy Lack, … the chairman of NBC News going to do with Nightly News and Brian Williams?’ No! What is he going to do with MSNBC?” Zurawik asked. “He’s got 24 hours-a-day of mess over there. People don’t watch it, it’s unwatchable.”

“Even if you were an ideologue, you can’t watch that channel anymore,” he added.

MSNBC last month cancelled some of its shows, starting with Ronan Farrow Daily and Reid Report. Their ratings have continually dropped while Fox News’ has climbed.

“MSNBC tried to do Fox from the left,” Zurawik said. “It’s been a disaster. MSNBC is in chaos. It’s an embarrassment.”

Twitter couldn’t help but agree:

One commenter was saddened by the thought that MSNBC might be going out of business.

One guy, however, might have found MSNBC’s answer:

MSNBC has been a joke forever… their motto: “Lean Forward,” aside from being communist in nature, engenders unmentionable posturing. In reality, their motto should be “Lean Racist,” because that is really what they are good at. They pander to racial minorities, Islam and any Leftist wacko agenda floating around out there. Take for instance Jonathan Capehart, who filled in for another panderer, Martin Bashir, with a show segment called “Blinded by the White.” Then there was Keith Olbermann, who is just shy of being a raving psychotic. Next is race baiter extraordinaire, Al Sharpton – a more obvious race hustler never existed. Round it off with Rachel Maddow, who is just Fruit Loops and you have a sense of the Looney Tunes of MSNBC. So, unless you are looking for an incredulous laugh or to have a stroke, I’d switch the channel and fast.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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