Judge Jeanine is on Fire After Obama’s Anti-Christian National Prayer Breakfast Hatred

Judge Jeanine is on Fire After Obama’s Anti-Christian National Prayer Breakfast Hatred

The nation was outraged after Obama decided to use the National Prayer Breakfast as a forum to attack Christians and defend Islamic terrorists. And Judge Jeanine Pirro was on fire, slamming Obama not only for his statements, but for his complete non-reaction to Islamic terrorism around the world while pretending that Christians are just as violent.

judge jeanine pirro

Judge Jeanine contended that Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast comments help explain why Obama went golfing literally minutes after learning about the horrific beheading of an American and why he didn’t attend the rally in France, with more than 40 other world leaders, condemning Islamic terrorism, and why he doesn’t “attend certain funerals,” or do anything about the “wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East,” or the “raping, beheading, crucifying, and burying alive of children there.”

She then unleashed the laundry list of recent terrorism committed or attempted against the United States, all done by Muslims:

•The first World Trade Center attack in 1993 — by Muslims,
•The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslim,
•The Fort Hood shooter was Muslim,
•The Shoe Bomber was Muslim,
•The Underwear Bomber was Muslim,
•The Boston Bombers were Muslim,
•The September 11th hijackers were Muslim,

Mr President, please identify other violence that is being committed against Americans in the name of any other religion.

Obama is so desperate to excuse the violence coming from Islamic terrorists that he will look for any scapegoat to distract from their atrocities. But next time, he might want to look beyond a group of people whose “atrocities” could one, be considered defensible and two, happened hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

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