Liberal Media Gone Wild

Liberalism is the political expression of degeneracy. Anyone who doubts it is referred to the liberal media. From today’s NewsBusters’ list, Libs Gone Wild: 5 New Radical, Crazy, Insane, Nutball, Lefty Things (reader discretion is advised):

Women wondering why their boyfriend might prefer to hang out with his Xbox playing Doom, might want to cancel their Cosmo subscriptions. If your man sees “9 Porn Star-Approved Pegging Tips,” odds are he’s backing out the door and heading for a safe space. In case you live in saner parts of our world and didn’t know what “pegging” is, here is the actual quote: “The term ‘pegging’ became the go-to descriptor for a woman performing anal sex on a man by penetrating him a strap-on dildo when it beat out both ‘bob’ and ‘punt’ in a 2001 naming contest on Dan Savage’s ‘Savage Love’ sex advice column.” Remember, Savage is a producer on ABC’s most awful sitcom in America, The Real O’Neals.

Moonbattologists will be familiar with Savage as the gay militant who tried to infect the workers at a Republican campaign office with the flu by licking doorknobs. He is also infamous for bullying Christian schoolchildren. An expert at exploiting disgust as a weapon against normal people, Savage is among the social engineers who are fundamentally transforming America on behalf of the liberal ruling class.

Moving from the establishment media to the new media, Rebecca Schoenkopf (a.k.a. @commiegirl1) of Wonkette encourages her readers to masturbate in tandem while watching video of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren campaigning together in matching outfits. Seriously.

If we allow these people to define our world for us, it will be the sort of world Lot’s wife looked back at before turning into a pillar of salt.

Political pornography for moonbats.

On a tip from TCS III. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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