MAGA: CNN Controversies And Scandals Has Them LOSING To Nick-At-Nite, Fox News And More!

MAGA: CNN Controversies And Scandals Has Them LOSING To Nick-At-Nite, Fox News And More!

America’s Most Trusted Name In News outraged viewers around the world and across the political spectrum this week by their very public blackmailing of a reportedly 15 year-old Reddit user who claimed to be the original creator of the meme posted by Trump himself this weekend.

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CNN was so angry that they tracked down the gif’s creator and threatened to release identifying information on his family to the public if he did not recant and apologize for creating the anti-CNN meme, as well as for what they charge to be racist posts made under his account on the site.

Turns out blackmail is a bridge too far for their viewers.

Cable ratings, first reported by The Federalist, show that CNN has dropped down to 13th place and now has fewer viewers than Nick-At-Nite, which features reruns of Hanna-Barbera cartoons and old episodes of Full House. At this point, the only people still watching CNN are the poor suckers stuck in airport lounges.

As reported by The Federalist:

On July 4, CNN published a fake quote from Abraham Lincoln. On Thursday morning, the network falsely claimed German Prime Minister Angela Merkel had chosen the location of the G20 summit to sabotage Trump.

In response to the blackmailing incident, the hashtag #CNNBlackmail sprung up organically and a list of CNN’s advertisers was compiled almost immediately to be spread around, encouraging social media users to contact those advertisers and inform them of the looming boycott should they continue to support the network.

As reported in The Daily Wire:

Make no mistake, this is a public relations disaster of massive proportions for CNN — every bit as bad, probably worse, than the previous month, which was a trainwreck filled with forced resignations, massive corrections, mind-blowing retractions, and a ratings death spiral. That was different, though. Attacking the President of the United States with hate and lies is one thing…

[The original creator of the gif] is a private citizen, and some believe [the creator] is just a kid, a 15-year-old kid. Man alive.

No wonder people would rather watch Yogi Bear.

h/t Breitbart

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