A Maryland TV Station’s Website, Twitter Are Hacked by ISIS “CyberCaliphate”

What? You didn’t think ISIS was already here? Yep and it will involve more than bombs and bodies it seems. They are going after web sites, Twitter and Facebook accounts of those they feel have defamed Allah and ISIS. Posers and cowardly trolls, the lot of them. If you look at WBOC TV’s Twitter account it is still compromised and is threatening to rain hell down on American infidels in the New Year. They did get their web site back – for now. The Caliphate has gone high-tech and they have a message for America – yes, they do.

From Gateway Pundit:

Maryland WBOC TV’s website and Twitter account was hacked today by ISIS supporters.

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The WBOC Twitter account is still compromised.

The group calling itself the “CyberCaliphate” took credit for the attack.

FOX 8 News reported:

The Salisbury-area TV station WBOC was hacked by ISIS supporters on Tuesday morning.

An individual or group calling itself “CyberCaliphate” took over the station’s website and Twitter, posting pro-ISIS propaganda. The propaganda had such comments as “I love you ISIS” and “There is no law but Sharia!”

The station has regained control of their website, however their Twitter remained compromised Tuesday evening.

The FBI is now involved. Gee, they are Johnny-on-the-spot taking down infringement sites, but they haven’t been able to get WBOC’s Twitter account back yet. Imagine that. Twitter should be able to fix that rather quickly – one wonders what the actual problem is here. This has now happened in New Mexico and Maryland and it will happen over and over again. The Jihadists sense weakness and have tacit approval from Obama, so it’s game on. Cyber terror attacks will be the norm for 2015 and will get only worse. ISIS and radical Islam will attack us from every vantage point they are allowed – unless we fight back for real, expect your normal programming to be interrupted – a lot.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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