Media Liberals Refuse to Acknowledge That David Letterman Is a Moonbat

Finally. If you haven’t done so already, break out of bottle of the best to toast the end of David Letterman’s irritatingly overextended career of vomiting liberalism into the laps of late night television audiences. His TV reign of moonbattery can be summed up with a take on the top 10 list device he tediously overused — NewsBusters’ Lefty Letterman: A Top Ten List of the Outgoing CBS Host’s Most Liberal Outbursts.

10. Rush Limbaugh = “Bonehead Gangster”
9. Rachel Maddow is “The Smartest Person in the World”
8. Letterman Bashes Pro-Gun Senators as “Stooges of the Night”
7. Letterman Trashes “Whacko” Michele Bachmann
6. Mitt Romney is a “Felon”
5. Letterman Asks Michelle Obama “Has Your Husband” Ever Said To You “John Boehner, What An Idiot?”
4. Is There “Any Humanity” to Bush and Cheney?
3. Letterman Plays Mock Video of Dick Cheney Flatlining
2. Letterman Mocks Sarah Palin’s “Slutty Flight Attendant Look” and Makes Sex Joke About Her Daughter
1. Stroking Obama’s Ego: “How Satisfying It Is To Watch You Work”

See NewsBusters for video clips and transcripts.

Then there was Bill O’Reilly’s 2006 appearance on the show, during which Letterman made a spectacle of his juvenile moonbattery.

Letterman’s irritating twerp demeanor and conspicuous degeneracy equate to wearing his liberalism on his sleeve. Yet his ideological compadres at the Washington Compost manage to keep a straight face while proclaiming that “people are generally hard pressed to give any sort of assessment of Letterman’s personal politics.”

In the same piece, WaPo links to the NewsBuster list, admits that Letterman donated to ultra-left professional clown Al Franken’s Senate campaign and that he stated he had never voted for a Republican, and even includes this quote from Andrew Kirell at Mediaite:

Letterman’s partisanship has become particularly obvious in recent years. Bush jokes were easy, sure, but it’s arguable that since the Obama election, Letterman has become even more comfortable with his biases (occasionally at the expense of being funny). He spends a great deal of time in his monologues with yawn-inducing jokes about Romney’s silver-spoon background, and, as you may recall, strange attacks on Sarah Palin's daughter. From someone who makes north of $30 million a year, the rich-guy jokes seem shallow, if not hypocritical.

Yet WaPo readers are asked to conclude that Letterman is a moderate with inscrutable political views. This preposterous conclusion is supported with assertions by “longtime Clinton confidant” Howard Wolfson that he “didn’t really detect an ideology” and by Democrat Party apparatchik turned hard left propagandist Chris Matthews that no one can read Letterman’s politics.

Anyone to the right of the moonbats who control the media establishment is a right-wing extremist. What do they call people to their left? There is no one to their left.

Those who agree with their radical ideology are depicted as sensible persons with no political bias. Fortunately there is one fewer of these kooks on late night TV.

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