Media Spins Ansbach Suicide Bomber as Victim

Media Spins Ansbach Suicide Bomber as Victim

The last shreds of credibility still possessed by Europe’s left-wing media establishment have been discarded in a laughably desperate attempt to spin Muslims as the victims of their own terror war against the European population. For example, as noted earlier, a Syrian asylum seeker launched a suicide bombing attack against innocent Germans in Ansbach on Sunday. Here’s how the BBC presented the story:


Propagandists know that few people dig much deeper than the headlines. This one must have left many readers shaking their heads at the iniquity of Islamophobic Germans who blow up put-upon Syrian migrants.

It isn’t just the taxpayer-funded Beeb. The terrorist had been allowed to enter Germany and to stay there for 2 years, but officially he had been denied asylum. Apparently to generate more sympathy for the vicious Islamomaniac, Roto-Reuters managed to work that into their headline:


They come in desperation, seeking sanctuary. Not only are they cruelly denied, they are killed in German blasts! Anyone taking mainstream media reports at face value must be flabbergasted that the “refugees” keep pouring in by the millions.

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