After Megyn Kelly Accused Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment, Ann Coulter Jabbed Her By Saying This

After Megyn Kelly Accused Roger Ailes of Sexual Harassment, Ann Coulter Jabbed Her By Saying This

Is Roger Ailes guilty of sexual harassment? Some women at Fox News have said so; others have come to his defense. Of course, it wouldn’t be a drama-fueled sideshow without Ann Coulter weighing-in and she has opted to do exactly that. Taking aim at Fox News’ drama-magnet Megyn Kelly, Coulter blasted away.


From Mediaite:

Ann Coulter recently commented on her awareness of past harassment allegations against Roger Ailes, and today she took a shot at Megyn Kelly over it.

Coulter said she’s heard the allegations for years, but didn’t believe them because no one filed a lawsuit. Well, now she has more to say after a report Kelly told investigators Ailes once harassed her, following Gretchen Carlson‘s lawsuit.

Coulter spoke to The Huffington Post saying the Kelly report means Ailes is “definitely out.” She remarked, “I noticed the people who’ve been saying ‘he never sexually harassed me’ also, by the way, work for Fox News, which was such a weird coincidence.”

Lots of women currently employed at Fox News have spoken out to defend Ailes.

Coulter had this response to the report about what Kelly said:

“I guess she waited for him to be out before she spoke up,” Coulter said, adding that it was “very brave of Megyn to wait until the last moment.”

Over the course of the 2016 election, Coulter has taken to being more and more critical of Fox News and showing up more and more on MSNBC.

I don’t know whether the reports of sexual harassment are true or not. What I do know is that the court of public opinion is extremely powerful and only marginally more-fact-based than it was in Salem during the Witch Trials.

If there is solid evidence, that should seal Ailes’ fate. In an instance of accusations and counter accusations, I urge restraint.

In either case, however, Megyn Kelly is a few bricks shy of a full load. Rather than reporting the news or otherwise commenting on it, she has dedicated herself to more and more becoming part of the news and her willingness to pile-on is directly in line with the escalating attention-seeking behavior she has demonstrated more and more in recent months.

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